Psa. 66:12 Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.

It’s been raining for days and the ground is saturated. After days of consistent rain, the ground can take no more. Saturation has been reached, now the flooding starts.
Today’s verse of scripture describes the beauty of spiritual saturation. Looking at the word, wealthy, gives us a glimpse into the beauty of this passage. The original word is revayah. It could be translated as satisfaction, overflowing, wealthy or saturation. It describes the contrast of the troubles we face in our daily lives with the refreshing that comes from the touch of God. In the world we face constant challenges and disappointments, but there is refreshing that comes in the place of saturation.
Refreshing and spiritual strength comes from the anointing of the Lord. The anointing of the Lord is tangible and increases upon us as we learn the power of saturation. Spending extended periods of time under the anointing has profound influence upon our lives. In our face paced world, we need to make saturation a priority in our lives. Spurgeon captured the victory and breakthrough that follows these times of saturation in our lives in his comments on this verse.

“How wealthy is the place of every believer, and how doubly does he feel it to be so in contrast with his former slavery: what songs shall suffice to set forth our joy and gratitude for such a glorious deliverance and such a bountiful heritage. More awaits us. The depth of our griefs bears no proportion to the height of our bliss. For our shame we have double, and more than double. Like Joseph we shall rise from the prison to the palace, like Mordecai we shall escape the gallows prepared by malignity, and ride the white horse and wear the royal robe appointed by benignity. Instead of the net, liberty; instead of a burden on the loins, a crown on our heads; instead of men riding over us, we shall rule over the nations: fire shall no more try us, for we shall stand in glory on the sea of glass mingled with fire; and water shall not harm us, for there shall be no more sea.”

What kind of challenge are dealing with in your life? Our natural tendency is to try to turn to our own devices in dealing with our issues. Learning to lean on the Lord in our troubles is an incredibly important part of our walk with God. The Lord delights in helping His sons and daughters. Spiritual saturation is the way to walk in the power of the Lord on a consistent basis. It is not enough to wait until we are in trouble to call upon the Lord. We must develop a lifestyle of spiritual saturation. When saturation becomes a way of life for you, you will have the ability to step over into that spiritual realm in an almost effortless manner. Yep, I was going through a difficult time and the Lord brought me out to a place of refreshing saturation.

3 Replies to “SATURATING RAIN”

  1. Being in the presence of God is beyond comprehension! Conversing with at times will bring about this feeling. Sharing my faith with another is another way.
    Praying for those in need as well. Assembling with other saints to offer up praises before his throne. Worshipping him together. Sometimes it’s caring for a homeless person on the street. Actually there’s even more ways. Thank you Jesus Christ for your friendship!

  2. We have experienced this, The Lord always gets us threw it all, Ive had times where I could do nothing about a situation or needed a change in my own life, or a loved one, ive been blessed with two more relatives recently coming to the lord, miles away, we prayed alot for them and we never dreamed of this happening in any near future, the lord is able and will listen to us if we will listen and act on what he wants we tell people all the time stay close to him, get to know him better, dont be religious but haVE A RELATIONSHIP AS HIS CHILD love one another He loves us, the lord will work this in us all more so if we allow it He wantsw to do this its his will for our lives please hold up if you feel led Jed Scott and cabrin charleen they are a son and stepson, they turned to the Lord just recently and they saw money the world raiseing hell and being lost wasnt what they wanted only Christ could make any difference in their lives, my son is rejoiceing the lord really blessed him, my step son is moe reserved but is changeing daily we are blessed and totally amazed at what is happening in our family, we have more relatives that really are on our hearts, we have learned if we have a burden for someone keep praying until that burden is lifted because the lord put that burden on our hearts love you all.

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