Psa. 36:8 They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house;
And You give them to drink of the river of Your delights.

Drinking is a major part of our modern society. I am not talking about drinking water or iced tea, I mean the intoxicating kind of drinking. Everybody has their reasons; some say they like the way it tastes, others say it helps them unwind, still others say it is a social thing. You know, a little drink with friends and dinner. That’s not the way it was for me when I was a drinker. I needed a drink to get my day started and another drink to make it through work. Then there was the parties and the weekends, there was always a good reason to have another drink. What is it that drives you to drinkin’? Is it the peer pressure or just the pressures of life? Jesus spoke about another kind of drinking. He spoke about a drink that was full of life. He said that this drink would satisfy us completely and finally. Martin Luther also discovered this spiritual drinking. Check out his thoughts about what motivates us to drink.

“Those who are thirsty have a comforting preacher in Christ himself. He shows them where they can quench their thirst—in him, the Lord Christ. But first we must ask, “What kind of thirst is this?” Only then will we understand what Christ means by drinking and how we can quench our thirst. This thirst is not a physical thirst that can be satisfied by drinking beer and wine. Rather, it’s a spiritual thirst—a thirst of the soul. It’s the desire of a sad, miserable, frightened, and battered conscience. It’s the desire of a despairing and terrified heart that wants to know how it stands before God. The thirsty are the timid and fainthearted people who feel their sin- fulness and the weaknesses of their spirit, soul, and body. They study God’s warnings. They fear the Lord God and take note of his law, anger, judgment, death, and other punishments. This fear is true thirst. Naturally, those with fears, temptations, and needs are very thirsty because of their anxiety. Their tongues become dry. They become feverish, and their fears dehydrate them. This fear is what creates spiritual thirst.”

This spiritual drinking that the Lord has made available to us is also of the intoxicating kind. It helps us unwind, it helps us get our day started and it helps us get through our day; yep, there is nothing like a good drink of the Spirit when you are having a rough day. This kind of drinking is also great to share with others, there is nothing like a good “Holy Ghost Party”.
There are a couple of obvious differences to spiritual and natural drinking. With spiritual drinking, moderation is not a virtue. You can drink the Spirit excessively, actually the Lord encourages it. The other difference is the side effects. Alcohol can destroy your next day, your marriage, your work ethic, and ultimately steal your health and your soul. The side effects of drinking the Spirit are quite different. We are filled with joy, there is no hang over, we become better husbands or wives, better workers or employers, and we begin to take on the characteristics of Christ. If you are facing circumstance that are driving you to drink, this time, try another kind of drink, drink the new wine of the Holy Spirit.


  1. The drink from the world; that bellying up to the bar of our choice, is sought after to fill a hollow place, is met with the very quick reality that we are drier and more hopeless than before.

    O’ but when we find Jesus; we yearn to come serve him drink at the hallowed place, a place of a parched knowing that all that we have to bring, is what is supplied by Him. In our total depravity we lean in to find the “Oasis” and are satisfied by the cup his sovereignty.

  2. Needing to ‘drink’ daily of the Holy Spirit wine is essential for ‘LIFE’! If we don’t drink h2o for our physical bodies, we can shirval up n die.Some can’t live without over doing physical wine (whine). Spiritually for some of us that choose to be ‘tapped’ in can’t Live without Dat good vintage old but new,strong take you away,out of control,lost, don’t know where you’re going,but following the lead of the one who supplies (gave you the drink/fix). Totally surrendering, our of our own control! It’s choosing the lifestyle of a Holy Spiritual addict!What else is there to live for?oh wait let me get my ‘flask’ out so I can rest until dawn~

  3. Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-12,21. Gods Word is full of infinite wisdom! Oh how he loves on his children! When witnessing Jesus Christ to people my spirit feels energized! Reading and doing Gods Word feels so enriching! Later saints!

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