Rom. 8:16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,

Do you think you will go to heaven when you die? How do you know? Paul said that the Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit. What does that mean? Actually, Paul is describing the very essence of the assurance of our faith. It is not because we have followed a religious formula or even because we have repeated a certain prayer. We know we are His and therefore have an inheritance in heaven because of the reality of the Holy Spirit in our life. No one really knows but you, have you tasted the reality of God in your soul? Jonathan Edwards spoke about the power of this witness in our lives.

“They do not merely assent that it is so from rational arguments which may be offered for it, but they have seen that it is so; they know it is so from what little they have tasted. It is the happiness of love, and the happiness of a life of such love, heavenly love, holy and humble and divine love; love to God, and love to Christ, and love to saints for God’s and Christ’s sake, and the enjoyment of the fruits of God’s love, holy communion with God and Christ and with holy persons. This is what they have a relish for. They feel within them such a nature that such a happiness suits their disposition and relish and appetite above all others; not only above what they have, but above all that they can conceive they might have. The world does not afford anything like it. They have chosen this before any other. Their souls go out after it more than any other, and their hearts are more in pursuit of it than any other. They have chosen it freely, not merely because they have met with such sorrow, and are in such low and afflicted circumstances, that they do not expect much from the world. But their hearts are so captivated by this good that they choose it for its own sake beyond all worldly good, if they had ever so much of it, and could enjoy it ever so long. Canticles 1:2, ‘Thy love is better than wine.'”

I had actually “prayed the prayer” many times throughout my childhood and youth without a true conversion experience. It wasn’t until the summer of 1973 that Christ became real in my soul. I can’t explain what was different, this time when I began to call out to God, He began to open my eyes. The Spirit of God convicted me of sin, convinced me of the reality of Christ and His cross, and came to live in my heart. I finally understood what it meant for the Spirit to bear witness with my spirit. I had been born again. So I can now answer the question, “Are you going to heaven when you die?” The answer is a resounding “yes !” How about you? Do you really know where you will go when you die? You need to answer the question for yourself, eternity lies in the balance.


  1. They have chosen this before any other. Their souls go out after it more than any other, and their hearts are more in pursuit of it than any other. They have chosen it freely…Stunning…JE soooo gets it…

  2. I used to be scared to die, but now since I’ve been born again in 2002 my life has dramatically changed not because of me but because of SOMEONE SO AMAZING, JESUS. But now that I know the REAL truth, and read and meditate in MY BIBLE with my Father. I’m not scared anymore. I have tasted His amazing LOVE, and Salvation and I am going home to be with my FATHER. I am so in Love with you and I want the whole world to know it. Thank you Holy Spirit….Blessings Pastor Frank…;););)

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