Psa. 119:130 The unfolding of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple.

Recently I was walking through Jackson Square in New Orleans when I heard a voice cry out, “Let me amaze you with my words!” This was just your average, everyday fortune teller. He was out there selling his words of prophesy with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. These guys are a “dime a dozen” for a reason. People are mesmerized by the supernatural. Everyone wants a word for their future. From Ouija boards to horoscopes, from bishops to television preachers, giving people words from God is big business. The only problem is all you will get is the voice of a man or maybe even demonic deception. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in prophesy and I believe in receiving a word from God. The Lord has provided a way to speak to us. He speaks to us from His book, the Bible. This was the revelation that birthed the protestant reformation in the 1500’s. God speaks to us in the written word. Luther and Tyndale realized this and risked their lives to translate, publish, and distribute God’s Word in the language of the people (Tyndale was actually martyred). Here is a quote from Martin Luther that will give you a sense of how he valued the written word.

“Without languages we could not have received the gospel. Languages are the scabbard that contains the sword of the Spirit; they are the [case] which contains the priceless jewels of antique thought; they are the vessel that holds the wine; and as the gospel says, they are the baskets in which the loaves and fishes are kept to feed the multitude. If we neglect the literature we shall eventually lose the gospel. . . . No sooner did men cease to cultivate the languages than Christendom declined, even until it fell under the undisputed dominion of the pope. But no sooner was this torch relighted, than this papal owl fled with a shriek into congenial gloom. . . .”

The translation of the Bible into the language of the people was the catalyst that birthed the Protestant Reformation. Europe became ablaze with spiritual awakening as the common man had access to the scripture for the first time. From Germany to England, thousands of Europeans were born again as the Word of God came alive to them.
Today we live in another kind of famine for the Word of God. We have plenty of translations in the language of the people, that is not the problem. The current problem is a disinterest in the scriptures. The Bible is not “hip or cool”. People may say they believe it but they want the Bible plus a little bit more. That little bit more is where the trouble starts. If you want a word from The Lord, fill your heart and mind with scripture. Scripture is what the Spirit of God works with. Draw near to God with your heart filled with His Word. He will quicken a particular passage to you and you will have your word from The Lord.

4 Replies to “GIVE ME A WORD”

  1. Amen Pastor Frank. This is what we were discussing in class this past Thursday night. Tapping into the Word of God and asking Him to give you a word of encouragent for yourself and others and backing it up with the Word. And how do know what the Word says? Read, read, read. He is faithful. We have to prepare our hearts to receoive His Word. Plant His Word in our heart and cultivate it with study and water it with praise, adoration, and prayer and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

  2. Amen, Pastor Frank, its just so unique how when I started getting up in the morning and my First priority of the day is to Greet my Father and tell Him good morning and I love Him. And then spend Time in His Beautiful Bible. How He has transformed me into the likeness of Him. It makes me to strive to do better in character and walk my Life just for Him. I love Him and ill never be the same. I wake up a new person. I Love my Word and have to have it every morning. Praise Him, have a blessed day. With Love

  3. Amen!! The word of god is so precious and so alive , everytime you read it you get precious promises!! So thankful for the BIBLE!!:) Thank and God bless!!:)

  4. The King James Bible written in the English language is the best word for word translation! All the other translations are written to please people! Psalm 40:7,Revelation 22:19. Romans 1:1-2.Ephesians 6:11-20. Don’t forget who your King is my friends! “Jesus Christ” Oh Yeah!

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