Rom. 8:29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

God’s ultimate plan is to display His glory in His sons and daughters. He has decided to reserve the greatest expression of Himself in the glorification of fallen Man. He has chosen the foolish things of this world to display His greatness. He has determined that we would be conformed to His image. This process starts in this life as we yield to Him and will be brought to perfection at the sudden appearance of Jesus Christ. David Brainerd was a young missionary to the Native Americans in the 1700’s. He had been greatly influenced by Jonathan Edwards. Actually Brainerd died at the age of 29 in Edwards home. Jonathan took young David’s journal and edited it. This journal became a major tool in the birthing of the world wide mission movement in the 19th and 20th centuries. Here is a quote from Brainerd’s journal, you will see his passion for eternity and conformity to the Son of God.

“Felt very sweetly when I first rose in the morning. In family prayer, had some enlargement, but not much spirituality, till eternity came up before me and looked near;
I found some sweetness in the thoughts of bidding a dying farewell to this tiresome world: Though some time ago I reckoned upon seeing my dear friends at commencement, yet being now denied the opportunity, for fear of imprisonment, I felt totally resigned, and as contented to spend this day alone in the woods, as I could have done if I had been allowed to go to town. Felt exceedingly weaned from the world today. In the afternoon discoursed something on some divine things with a dear Christian friend, whereby we were both refreshed. Then I prayed with a sweet sense of the blessedness of communion with God: I think I scarce ever enjoyed more of God in any one prayer. Oh, it was a blessed season indeed to my soul! I knew not that ever I saw so much of my own nothingness in my life; never wondered so that God allowed me to preach his Word; never was so astonished as now. This has been a sweet and comfortable day to my soul: Blessed be God. Prayed again with my dear friend, with something of the divine presence. I long to be wholly conformed to God and transformed into his image.”

Paul said that we are anxiously anticipating the next great prophetic event, the manifestation of the Sons of God. That will take place suddenly at the appearing of Jesus Christ. Until that day comes, we are still yielding. We are dying daily as we are being transformed from glory to glory to be like Him. As we taste Christ in this life we are changed. The change is obvious to those around us. Two things are accomplished, God is glorified and we are satisfied. Oh to be able to pray Brainerd’s prayer, “I long to be wholly conformed to God and transformed into His image”.

3 Replies to “BRAINERD’S PRAYER”

  1. what a blessing! this world and all that is in it has little to do with the things of God, people watch the news and get upset, much is very much a burden we see, but this we all know the time is coming we will be taken out of this in the presence of the kingdom we have that now but the time will come we will be standing literally in the kingdom, now we see threw a glass but we will see it all in its glory, im glad we dont really belong here but while here we still must be about our Fathers bussines, what ever he has in our lives He wants, we all have things He wants to use for his glory and He has his will for all of us untill He returns or takes us home. Im so releived to know sometime we will be done here andwe will be in his literal kingdom that for now we are not alone, He abides with and in his children.

  2. The wrest of my flesh waring against my soul,The Peace of his Spirit come in to make me whole! More of his Power, more of his Grace! Oh my lord come through me and shine through my face! I want to give out what you give me to all you say ‘Embrace’! Erternity is what I’m seeking, the holiest of ‘Place’!

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