Merry Tuesday by Parris Bailey


Our great consolation in the worst of times lies in our God. We have a covenant with God – “the Lord thy God” – is full of life. That word, “the Lord,” is really JEHOVAH, the self-existent One, the unchangeable One, the ever-living God, who cannot change or be moved from his everlasting purpose. “Since God’s power is supreme, and all others forces challenge it in vain, we note the inestimable comfort of God’s support: whether faced by the record of our past, or confronted with the difficulties of the present, we have no need to fear the outcome, we note the incomparable encouragement of God’s succor, for all that lies ahead, we can be sure that his help will be decisive and we note the importance of the power to evaluate correctly the forces which surround us, we shall not be free from opposition, but we shall escape the depression of spirit which comes from anticipating defeat.” (The Interpreter’s Bible)
Once again Spurgeon gives us these comforting words; “Having God you have more than all things, for all things come of him; and if all things were canceled out, he could restore all things simply by his will. He speaks and it is done; he commands, and it stands fast. Let the times roll on, they cannot affect our God. Let troubles rush upon us like a tempest, but they shall not come nigh unto us now that he is our defense. Jehovah, the God of his church, is also the God of each individual member of it, and each one may therefore rejoice in him. Jehovah is as much your God, my brother, as if no other person in the universe could use that covenant expression. O believer, the Lord God is altogether and wholly your God! All his wisdom, all his foresight, all his power, all his immutability – all himself is yours. As for the church of God, when she is in her lowest estate she is still established and endowed in the best possible sense – established by the divine decree, and endowed by the possession of God all-sufficient. The gates of hell shall not prevail against her. Let us exult in our possession. Poor as we are, we are infinitely rich in having God; weak as we are, there is no limit to our strength, since the Almighty Jehovah is ours. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” If God be ours, what more can we need? Lift up thy heart, thou sorrowful one, and be of good cheer. If God be thy God, thou hast all thou canst desire: wrapped up within his glorious name we find all things for time and eternity, for earth and heaven. Therefore in the name of Jehovah we will set up our banners, and march onward to the battle. He is our God by his own purpose, covenant, and oath; and this day he is our God by our own choice of him, by our union with Christ Jesus, by our experience of his goodness, and by that spirit of adoption whereby we cry “Abba, Father.”

3 Replies to “GAUNTLET 2”

  1. Yes ‘if God be for US who can be against US?’ Nothing can seperate us fron the LOVE of God. Even when we falter, he is there, when we are lonely, he is there, bills piling up, he is there! The endless list of the world’s ways will never get between US and Him. All those ThiNgS fade as we remember he is with US now and will be with US forever. it’s so easy to let go of issues when we remember that he is with US! Every step of the way!!!

  2. sometimes when things come against us we cant see clearly all looks not so good and we all have been there, who takes care of it? sometimes in ways we never could have thought about, The lord told the disiples to go catch a fish, the twelve were worried about paying the tax to rome and they had plenty tgo worry about in their minds and hearts, if the roman irs wasnt paid they were not nice and came to see you in a not so nice way about them, our irs is alot nicer than the romans were. The Lord had it all under his control, God is in control even when things get hard and bad, someday we wont have all this coming at us I pray to be more content than I have been in past years not be boged down be of heart its in hishands and very little sometimes that I can do anyway, I know this that He has always provided for us one way or another something always happens If we beleive Him anyway .ng in the w notletting ourselves get in his way, He knows my needs even before we ask him, He feeds the birds and the beasts of the feild, He will make away for us all if we are seeking Him, He loves us and also wants us to grow in our faith in Him love you all!

  3. Jeremiah 31:9-18 came to my mind while looking through the bible. You mentioned the word gauntlet and the word mountains came to mind. God is truly an awesome warrior! His soldiers in age range about five years old to one hundred or older. Keep fighting the good fight of faith my fellow soldiers in Jesus Christ! I praise you O’ Great Lord of Hosts! Greetings to you as well my Lord Jesus Christ!

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