Eph. 1:7,8 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence,

The Lord loves to display His greatness, that’s what creation is all about. The universe exists, first, to put the Glory of God on display. True science unveils the spectacular wisdom and power of our God unveiled in His work of art called creation. There are some special glimpses of God in His handiwork. The immenseness of creation speaks of His eternal nature. We have seen some of His power displayed by the nuclear power released in an atomic bomb. His wisdom, power, and creativity are seen all around us. His greatest display of His glory is seen in His work of redemption in the purchasing of the sons and daughters of Adam from the grasp of sin. We were all slaves, bound by our own lusts until the grace of God appeared in the person of Jesus Christ. By His grace we are saved through faith. This is the greatest picture of our God, Christ died to save sinners. Here is something of what John Calvin said about this passage.

“According to the riches of his grace. He now returns to the efficient cause, — the largeness of the divine kindness, which has given Christ to us as our Redeemer. Riches, and the corresponding word overflow, in the following verse, are intended to give us large views of divine grace. The apostle feels himself unable to celebrate, in a proper manner, the goodness of God, and desires that the contemplation of it would occupy the minds of men till they are entirely lost in admiration. How desirable is it that men were deeply impressed with “the riches of that grace” which is here commended! No place would any longer be found for pretended satisfactions, or for those trifles by which the world vainly imagines that it can redeem itself; as if the blood of Christ, when unsupported by additional aid, had lost all its efficacy.”

Calvin makes note of Paul’s emphasis on the luxurious nature of the grace of God. He lavished His grace upon us. He did not just give us a casual reprieve, He heaped His grace upon us, grace upon grace poured out from the chambers of the riches of His glory. There is no lack, nothing held back, He gave Himself for us that we could enjoy intimacy and sonship for all eternity. It wasn’t just for us that He did this, not at all. He pours out His grace on helpless sinners to put His kindness and love on display. Fallen man becomes the tool for God’s greatest display of Who He really is. He is the One who became one of us. He didn’t have to, He could have destroyed everything and started over. Instead, he chose to take our rebellion and use it as an opportunity to display His matchless love. I am so glad He did !!!!


  1. Im so glad also! this is something we would never disearve, cant buy it, cant earn it a free gift to those that want it. and only by His grace are we saved and nothing else, God in his love and mercy gave us undeserved grace, It would be hard for anyone else to give grace to a fallen rebellious people Im glad he is god His ways high above our fallen nature, Im so glad He purchased us sins and all forgave us and now we can because of hHim go before Gods throne threw Him, restored to the fellowship that adam and eve had before the fall. Jesus is the second Adam God breathed life into the first Adam, the fall came and Jesus the second Adam gave his life and the infilling of the Holy Spirit for those born again from his sacrifice in our place, He paid it all!

  2. I agree, I am so glad he did also, thankful for grace, mercy love!! thank you Jesus .. SO THANKFUL FOR ALL IS DID FOR ALL OF US!!:)

  3. Romans 6:22 is an awesome piece of scripture! Looking back before Jesus Christ opened my eyes to the truth is quite a huge revelation! Wow! We were mindless drones enslaved to our past father satan. Thank you for constantly changing myself and other saints to conform our image to the likeness of your son God!

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