Mark 10:46 ¶ Then they came to Jericho. And as He was leaving Jericho with His disciples and a large crowd, a blind beggar named Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, was sitting by the road.

This is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It displays the desperation of a hurting soul, the kindness of our Lord, and the incredible power released by faith in God. Bartimaeus, like all of us, was a blind beggar. All of us are born blind, spiritually blind, unable to see the face of Jesus. Like Bartimaeus, just one touch of the Lord’s kindness, and we find ourselves looking into the eyes of Jesus. We are also beggars, never able to provide for ourselves, we live in a state of total dependency on God. Bartimaeus was dependent on the charity of others. He lived his life on the alms that people kindly gave to him, he was unable to take care of himself. When Jesus passed by that day, hope began to surge through his being, that hope turned into faith as Jesus drew near. Bartimaeus was screaming out for help. This was the defining moment of his life. For him, it was now or never. As Jesus called for him, Bartimaeus threw aside his coat. That was a significant act of faith.You see, this was not just any coat, this was a mendicant coat. It was his ticket for provision. This mendicant coat qualified him for charitable gifts. Without it, he was on his own. Bartimaeus was taking his stand, today is my day for a miracle. Listen to Adam Clarke’s comments about this coat.

“He cast off his outward covering, a blanket, or loose piece of cloth, the usual upper garment of an Asiatic mendicant, which kept him from the inclemency of the weather, that he might have nothing to hinder him from getting speedily to Christ. If every penitent were as ready to throw aside his self-righteousness and sinful encumbrances, as this blind man was to throw aside his garment, we should have fewer delays in conversions than we now have; and all that have been convinced of sin would have been brought to the knowledge of the truth.”

Matthew Henry also pointed out the significance of the blind man’s coat in his comments on this passage.

“The poor man, hereupon, made the best of his way to Christ; He cast away his loose upper garment, and came to Jesus; he cast away every thing that might be in danger of throwing him down, or might in any way hinder him in coming to Christ, or retard his motion. Those who would come to Jesus, must cast away the garment of their own sufficiency, must strip themselves of all conceit of that, and must free themselves from every weight, and the sin that, like long garments, doth most easily beset them.”

Is something holding you back from the fullness of God’s blessing in your life? If so, cast it aside. Rather than being entangled in our sins or held back by our dependency on our own human efforts, let’s cast off our coats of human efforts and run to Jesus. Before you know it you will be basking in the light of His presence and following Him down the road.

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