Rom. 11:8-10 Just as it is written:
“God has given them a spirit of stupor,
Eyes that they should not see
And ears that they should not hear,
To this very day.” ¶ And David says:
“Let their table become a snare and a trap,
A stumbling block and a recompense to them.
Let their eyes be darkened, so that they do not see,

I don’t consider myself political, as a matter of fact I didn’t make any public statements or endorsements in the recent presidential election. As a pastor, I do feel compelled to share my observations about the election from a spiritual perspective. To be quite honest, I am shocked at the deterioration of our nation. I am surprised at the division in our country and also surprised at the lack of moral courage. The reelection of Barrack Obama came as quite a surprise to me. His positions on so many topics are far from anything that is remotely familiar to our heritage. The three that come immediately to mind are these: his support of marriage between members of the same sex, his support of abortions, and his distancing himself from the nation of Israel. Any one of these positions would eliminate him from receiving my support. For him to take such radical, secular positions is something beyond anything I expected to see in my lifetime. I was shocked to see the people of America support him and his positions. Obviously our nation has changed. The morning after the election I went for a walk. Immediately The Lord began to speak to me today’s verse from Romans. The Lord has blinded the people in our country because of the hardness of their hearts. Here is a quote from Adam Clarke explaining this verse.

“God hath given them the spirit of slumber – As they had willfully closed their eyes against the light, so God has, in judgment, given them up to the spirit of slumber. The very word and revelation of God, which should have awakened their consciences, and opened their eyes and ears, have had a very different effect; and because they did not receive the truth in the love thereof, that which would otherwise have been the savor of life unto life, has become the savor of death unto death; and this continues to the present day.”

Actually, I thank God for the results of the recent election. Maybe now, as the people of God, we will realize how fragile and vulnerable we are. Maybe this will spur us to pray, to call upon The Lord. When these types of seasons happen it can actually be a source of great encouragement. The light is much more obvious in the midst of darkness. This gives us a great opportunity to be “lights in the midst of darkness”. I have come to the conclusion that I am not of this world. My hope is not in this world, my love is not in this world, and my life is not in this world. Lord, send revival and restoration to our land, visit us once again.

23 Replies to “SPIRIT OF STUPOR”

  1. AAll of us here had the same thoughts and feelings about this election, it greives our hearts that these things are so, we are praying for our country and the leaders what happened was fruit of our fallen nature as individuals and our nation. God will have the final say about all this! Isreal will stand if we help them or not, our nation is missing out by not helping them, those that kill the unborn will be held accountable we all will face the almighty, justice will come forth scary stuff for those who defy the Lord, but a joy and blessing for those that lov e Him and are obediantin their lives out of Love for Him.

  2. As some say were in trouble I can say yeah we are but its Gods plan. Times I see will become tougher and we just need to endure it. Were accepting as a nation the things Romans 1:13 – speaaks of , the spirit of stupor is definitely upon the nation but I love it. Us being children of God I can see him taking things from us to get our attention. When my child needs correction in order to get her attention the tv goes , some toys , privalages etc. Then she starts to get it. ( I hear you daddy) Same scenario with God dealing with this spoiled nation having so many luxuries we don’t need God or give Him credit as a nation. He will be recognized , His word doesn’t speak in vain and we just need to trust Him. It’s exciting to live in these times knowing our day of redemption is getting closer & closer. I thankyou Lord for showing us and disciplining us to refine us and to break us down. I love my president , as he destroys us in his eyes he doesn’t know God is using him in such a way that benefits the kingdom. Oh how wonderful the spirit of stupor can be , but one day it will be taken away when God sees fit washing the blindness from our eyes and turning to Jesus. Thank you so much Jesus for your ways are greater then ours.

  3. Wow P Frank, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. It seems like things are speeding up as we race to the finish line. I pray I finish the race in a way that glorifies God. It’s definitely time to pray. Things are wrapping up.

  4. I never heard the President has distanced himself from Israel and I would like to see proof of that. Didn’t you once say that God will determine who becomes president? I voted for President Barack and felt strongly for him and not the other guy. The other man spoke out of both sides of his mouth. The other man was a liar and a thief and he hated poor people. The Lord loves poor people . . .the downtrodden. The Lord is calling his children from sleep AND FROM DEAD WORKS and into His inner court. I appreciate your blog when you quote the WORD OF GOD. Light is so beautiful in jet black darkness. Like you once said in a sermon, IT’S ABOUT GOD’S GLORY! It’s not about gay people or the president of the United States. As I commit now to study and pray, I am not going to tell people this country is going down because I will always be a patriot too! You can’t turn back time. We need fresh annointing everyday! (May be you need to see the new movie “Lincoln” coming out in theatres soon). I will pray that the Lord’s peace rest upon me and when people ask me what that peace is, I’ll testify about how the Lord saved a sinner like me. I will also pray for my President, my Country and my Pastor. If this comment offends you, I apologize. Am I to stay home now and worship or can I continue to attend Victory Fellowship. Oh well, I fear the Lord and I’m thankful for that! God Bless America!

    1. That was my point, God does determine who will be President. He still is the defender of the unborn and is opposed to homosexuality

      1. Thanks Pastor Bailey. I won’t forget His truths! I’m looking forward to Sundays now – am and pm – I’m looking forward to everyday now! Hallelujah! God’s Glory!

  5. Yes, Yesterday I happed to have the same conversation with somone in a low income area of town regarding the whole election and the state of our nation and it ended in the same conclusion that nothing apart from a direct visitation from God will make things right and truly bring about the change people are looking for and don’t necessarily realize that it is God himself is the answer to everything, everyone and every cry of man’s soul. It is found in his presence thanks to Jesus Christ.

  6. Thank you so much Pastor Frank, I was hoping you would share some insight as I have been so troubled over this election. You are so right about Christians being spurred on to pray. I, personally also need to pray that I dont judge other Christians that I know voted for Obama. I just can not understand thier mindset.

  7. I am very surprised about how people react to the fact that they voted for Barack Obama and their justification for it is about his support of the poor, and not about the spirit that is operating in him to allow him to be okay with abortions, Israel and same sex marriage. Jesus was loving and caring to the sinner, but he was concerned so much about their spiritual condition that he healed them of their unrighteousness and they lived in freedom to NOT live those lives anymore. As I recall in one of Pastor Bailey’s sermons, he talked about the begar who had a coat that certified him to beg for alms. When Jesus showed up on the scene and the begar realized that his help was in him, he threw off his begars coat, or his welfare check, his foodstamp card, and begged for the one who could TRULY help him. I am sorry to say, most people who are on foodstamps and on welfare, do not look at it as something help them for a season until they can do for themselves. It actually imprisons them more. They tell themselves well if I get a real job, I probably will not qualify for foodstamps anymore and it places them in a place of fear and on to frauding the government and seizing funds that could be used by those that really need help. Yes, I am black and I see the mindset in people that I personally know. We need to be free. We need to put aside worldly gain, to obtain higher heights in the Lord. I have seen pride display its ugly face so much since this election. People who call themselves Christian and say that they love their ministers and such, turn ugly when they find that, sorry to say, a white church leader was disappointed about the election. Just be real, you are upset because you feel that he said that because he/she does not like the fact that we have a black president. Even though you guys have been living peacefully amongst each other for the past four years that we have had a black president. Let’s take off our begars coat and wear the coat the Joseph’s father gave him, the anointing that our father has given us. There is a big price to pay to walk this walk with Christ. Why would I not want to suffer to burden that Christ or the Apostle Paul suffered, just to get a temporary fix from a man who believes that people are going to lead us to salvation. I do not want to be led by myself or any other human being, I need to be led by my God and sorry to say, it is not in worship of Barrack Obama.

    1. I am proud to have an African American president. What a great country. I just wish his legacy was not so radically opposed to obvious Biblical teaching.

  8. I expected it somehow when I heard Kenneth Copeland prophesy “The LORD said you will like how this election turns out” I felt it would be Obama. I truly expect God to do something unexpected

  9. Wow, I’m with you Pastor Frank. Praise Jesus, my world is in HIM. I am not a part of this world. Thank you Lord. Thank you for your word the (BIBLE) and mercy and GRACE.. Thank you for opening my ears to hear and my eyes to see. Thanks for grabbing me and saying you are mine and for shaping me into a new creation of you I am SO in LOVE with you.

  10. I don’t believe that

    Daniel 2 vs. 21

    He changes times and seasons; He sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

    tells us now that God moved on mens’ hearts and had them vote for Barak Obama so he would be elected President of the United States. The Bible tells us that God has allowed us to choose. Let’s look closely at the first sentence and the last sentence in the verse.

    God is sovereign over His creation. He reigns over it. He is all knowing. Of course he is not surprised that Barak Obama has been re-elected and He is not trying to figure out what to do now. God knew from the beginning and it will not change His plans. It fits right in. Oh what a mighty holy God we serve!!!

  11. Good word! The elections really showed the condition of the church…we need to be burning and shining lamps!

  12. “Spirit of Stupor” from a different perspective. To be in a stupor means to have a dulled sense or feeling; apathetic. Regardless of the position, people usually are passionate about their cause; and therefore the opposition seems to be apathetic or in a stupor. In this presidential race, both candidates were considered good husbands and fathers with different political affiliations. These men are representatives of political parties, not merely their personal opinions. That is why they have both been observed changing their point of view on various issues. President Obama supports the Democratic platform which includes, as you have noted, same-sex marriage and abortion rights, both of which I oppose. On the other hand, Romney supports the Republican platform which aims to decrease or eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, food stamps, government jobs, infrastructure spending, Pell Grants, taxes for the top 2%, Obamacare, and union collective bargaining, while supporting the privatization of schools, hospitals, social services, outsourcing of jobs, and not investing in new energy sources. I voted for President Barak Obama by balancing the issues that directly affect me and my family. I rather see economics, education, and social issues legislated and morals, ethics, and religion lived out. Maybe we need another political party which does not put a wedge between the moral and social issues. Jesus managed to unite the various political factions of His day: Zealots, Essenes, Pharisees, tax collectors, etc.

  13. Interesting observations. There was a recent prophecy that said we would like the results of the election, but that did not mean the guy we thought would get in would get in.

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