Psa. 18:31 For who is God, but the LORD?
And who is a rock, except our God,

You know what amazes me; how people can talk so confidently about their understanding of God. Really? You understand the incomprehensible? Some have this eternal, infinite God so figured out that they have Him categorized and filed away. How can anyone understand the eternity of God? How can someone never have a beginning? How could God always be? Where did He come from? What about His omnipotence? How can any power be unlimited? That’s why Jesus was so disturbed at the Pharisees. They spoke with arrogant confidence about The Lord. When He stood right in front of them they did not recognize Him. They were blind by their take on what God was like. Augustine has a way of blowing away this kind of bondage. His grasp of the eternal is breathtaking. Here is a quote from Augustine’s “Confessions”.

“What, then, is the God I worship? He can be none but The Lord God Himself, for who but The Lord is God? What other refuge can there be, except our God? You, my God, are supreme, utmost in goodness, mightiest and all powerful, most merciful and most just. You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present among us, the most beautiful and yet the most strong, ever enduring and yet we cannot comprehend you. You are unchangeable and yet you change all things. You are never new, never old, yet all things have new life from you. You are the unseen power that brings decline upon the proud. You are ever active, yet always at rest. You gather all things unto Yourself though you suffer no need. You support, You fill, and You protect all things. You create them, nourish them, and bring them to perfection. You seek to make them Your own, though You lack for nothing.”

I love this, “You are the most hidden from us and yet the most present among us”. That’s the shocking thing about The Lord, He opens our eyes to His nearness to us and we are blown away. Not only is He here, He has always been here. All of the times I worried and fretted over my circumstances He was right there. Always present, always caring, and always orchestrating the events of my life.
Then there is this statement, “You are never new, never old, yet all things have new life from You”. He is always making all things new. He is the Creator, He is life itself. Like He told Mary outside of Lazarus’ tomb, “I am the resurrection and the life”. He is life itself. He always has been, always will be. Everything He touches is effected with life: creative life; resurrection life. So if something has died in your life or if you just feel dead. Maybe you feel like God is irrelevant and very far away. Look to Him again. Look to Him in the person, Jesus Christ. Like Mary and Lazarus discovered, He still makes all things new.

5 Replies to “WHO IS THIS?”

  1. He seems so much unlike us, yet we are made in His image
    He knew we would kill Him, so He used that to save us
    His wisdom and love are so far beyond us
    More of Him and less of me
    That is a statement I can live by

  2. I seek him more than any other! The power that is in his control can’t be measured! Matthew 19:17-26.Job chapter 26. Ecclesiastes 3:11-14. God is perfection! Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ for paying my sin debt on the cross of calvary!

  3. Thank God for a Father who want us to know Him. He is beyond all understanding and comprehension and yet, it is His great joy to make these things know to us:

    Eph 3:19 And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.
    Eph 3:20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
    Eph 3:21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

    Thank God for the Holy Spirit who gives insight above and beyond our abilities. Thank God for the richness of His presence and the Holy Spirit He sends to reveal the Father to these lumps of clay.
    Thank God that no matter how much we have seen of Him we will have eternity to spend learning of His glory. I expect that in ten or twenty billion years we will still just be getting started in our quest to know Him and yet- What a Joyful Journey it will Be!

    Much love in Christ,
    your brother Larry.

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