Eph. 3:19 May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

For the last fifteen years I have been interested, some would say fixated, on the eighteenth Century revival. I have read hundreds of sermons, biographies, and other books related to the great revival that played such a big role in the birth of our nation. I have been inspired by the biography of George Whitefield, I have learned from the sermons and teachings of Jonathan Edwards, and I have even been touched by the great songs from that era. One of the great song writers from that period was Charles Wesley. He is probably best known for his song, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, or possibly “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”. I recently came across another of his songs called “Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love”. Enjoy these lyrics.

Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love,
Unmerited and free,
Delights our evil to remove,
And help our misery.

Thou waitest to be gracious still;
Thou dost with sinners bear,
That, saved, we may Thy goodness feel,
And all Thy grace declare.

Thy goodness and Thy truth to me
To every soul, abound,
A vast, unfathomable sea,
Where all our thoughts are drowned.

Its streams the whole creation reach,
So plenteous is the store,
Enough for all, enough for each,
Enough for evermore.

Faithful, O Lord, Thy mercies are!
A rock that cannot move;
A thousand promises declare
Thy constancy of love.

Throughout the universe it reigns,
Unalterably sure;
And while the truth of God remains,
The goodness must endure.

There are several lines in this song that grab my attention. First, “Delights our evil to remove and help our misery”. Most of us never make this connection. Could it be our tendency toward evil that actually causes most of the misery in our lives? If that is true, forgiveness and deliverance from the shackles of sin are the keys to freedom from most of the misery in this life. It is actually this freedom from the evils in our heart that brings us to a place of delighting in God.
The second line that stands out is “A vast, unfathomable sea where all our thoughts are drowned”. This sea that Wesley is singing about is the limitless sea of God’s love. It is endless and untraceable, this is the place we leave behind our own thoughts and our understanding of life and begin to take in this matchless love.
Finally, I love the phrase “Enough for all, enough for each,
Enough for evermore”. There is more than enough of God’s love to spread around. There is enough for all of us. There is a place of intimacy for each of us. There is also a sufficient flow of God’s love that will last forevermore. No matter how many come to the fountain, no matter how long or how deeply they drink, there is an endless supply of His CEASELESS, UNEXHAUSTED LOVE.


  1. I see, Jesus in the heart that wrote that song. May the world see Jesus and His inexhaustible love in us!

  2. Ephesians 3:18 to grasp how wide, long, high, and deep is the LOVE OF CHRIST. NEVER ENDING. HALLELUJAH. WHAT A FOUNTAIN HE IS. PURE LOVE. BLESSINGS PASTOR FRANK. WITH LOVE. HA.

  3. James k. Marse Jr.

    After thinking about what you wrote Psalm 63 came to mind! Then psalm 17 caused me to pause upon your kindness that you bestow upon the righteous! Good morning everyone!

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