And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed.”Luke 1:46ā€“48

Mary’s prophetic song is a sort of prototype of our Christian faith. She can be said to represent the body of Christ as a sort of first-fruit. We can learn a lot about our faith and about faith’s expression as we look at her famous song of prophesy called the “Magnificat”. Martin Luther wrote a book about this powerful song. Here is a clip from that book.

“Mary put things in the right order in this verse. First, she called God her Lord. Next, she called him her Savior. Then she proclaimed what God had done. We shouldn’t begin our prayers by selfishly asking what God can do for us. Mary’s example teaches us to love and praise God for no other reason than his goodness. We should find joy and pleasure in who he is. This is an exalted, pure, and tender way of loving and praising God. By contrast, some people are only parasites, always expecting to get things from God. They don’t love or praise God because he is good. They’re only concerned about how good God is to them, how much they feel his goodness, and how many good things they receive from him. The moment he hides his face and withdraws his goodness, leaving them in misery without anything, they stop loving and praising him. They no longer love and praise the goodness that they now can’t see or feel. By doing this, they prove that they don’t find joy in God, their Savior. They don’t love or praise the goodness when it’s hidden in God. They find much more joy in their salvation than in their Savior, in the gift than in the Giver, and in the creature than in the Creator.”

In Mary’s time, prophetic songs were non-existent. She was not following something she learned from someone else, she was responding to God’s love. Today we live in a different season. The Holy Spirit has been poured out on all peoples, everyone has access into His presence. One of the beautiful expressions of our faith and our love for God is the prophetic song. This type of worship can become part of our daily walk with God. To some, it may seem like the simple ramblings that appear to be quite childish. To others, they are the very utterances of the mysteries of God.
When I was a child my parents would often take me to Sunday services at a local church. The atmosphere seemed depressing and the songs were quite stiff. Nothing could be more insulting to our God. Our worship should serve as a mirror to His greatness. As Mary reflected on her angelic visitor and considered the supernatural conception in her womb, she really had no other course to take. Joy and celebration were spilling and gushing out of her heart. Her song was just a spontaneous response to the greatness of God.

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