Psa. 13:5-6 But I have trusted in Your mercy;
My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation. I will sing to the LORD,
Because He has dealt bountifully with me.

The touch of God is quit amazing. One moment, you can be overcome with fear and consumed with the problems all around you. In a heartbeat all of that can change. When The Lord begins to move in and upon your life, sadness and depression give way to shouts of joy. I often think of the days when we were away from our home, evacuated because of Hurricane Katrina. Those were some really dark days. One morning I went for a run (I was in a park in Pittsburg) when The Lord visited me. He reminded me of His love and His mercy He had shown me through the years. Nothing really changed that day in our physical circumstances but I had changed. I had an assurance that The Lord was with me. He turned my mourning into dancing. Here is an observation Spurgeon made about this verse.

“What a change is here! Lo, the rain is over and gone, and the time of the singing of birds is come. The mercy-seat has so refreshed the poor weeper, that he clears his throat for a song. If we have mourned with him, let us now dance with him.”

Matthew Henry also spoke about the surprising change that comes at the Lord’s visitation.

“His prayers are soon turned into praises: But my heart shall rejoice and I will sing to the Lord. What a surprising change is here in a few lines! In the beginning of the psalm we have him drooping, trembling, and ready to sink into melancholy and despair; but, in the close of it, rejoicing in God, and elevated and enlarged in his praises. See the power of faith, the power of prayer, and how good it is to draw near to God. If we bring our cares and griefs to the throne of grace, and leave them there, we may go away like Hannah, and our countenance will be no more sad.”

This world can be quite cruel. If our hope is in this world or in our own ability to effect this world we are certain to face disappointments. Even though King David saw many victories and blessings he had his share of setbacks. He lost two sons, one in child birth another in a rebellion when trying to take over David’s throne. He had betrayal among his closest counselors. He lived in exile, living in caves, for many years. During those times of extreme trial, David called on The Lord. The Lord visited him with songs of joy. He turned his depression into joy unspeakable. How is it with your soul today? Are you over run with the problems of life? Like David in the cave, embrace The Lord. Reflect on His loving kindness and His mercy. Before you realize it you will be singing of the goodness and the works of The Lord.

One Reply to “MERCY”

  1. Amen, Lord thank you for your Love, Kindness, Mercy and Grace daily. What ever trials we go through its awesome and very sure that our Rock, Jesus will carry us through all the storms. Cast all your burdens on Him. I will call on my LORD. Hallelujah, times may get tough, but I stand on all His Promises. Nothing but the nine fruits of His Spirit in this man, Paul says always rejoice no matter what circumstances come.Thank you Lord. Blessings,Pastor Frank…:)

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