Psa. 73:25-26 Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever

Parris and I went to our first Super Bowl party this year (that’s kind of an inside joke). We ate too much food and watched a game we weren’t really interested in and joked about the funny commercials like everyone else did. We were surprised at how much promo the half time show got. When half time finally came we quickly turned the television off. What was supposed to be entertainment and fun for the whole family looked strangely like old fashioned porno. It’s seems like the world keeps changing (not for the better) and the definition of entertainment and fun has become quite weird. No wonder people are not interested in the real heaven. It is quite unattractive to those who find their pleasure in other things. Here is a quote from Jonathan Edwards about the pleasures found in God.

“The Mohammedans, for instance, suppose that in heaven are to be enjoyed all manner of sensual delights and pleasures. Many things which Mohammed has feigned are to the lusts and carnal appetites of men the most agreeable that he could devise, and with them he flattered his followers. But the true saint could not contrive one more agreeable to his inclination and desires, than such as is revealed in the Word of God – a heaven of enjoying the glorious God and the Lord Jesus Christ. There he shall have all sin taken away, and shall be perfectly conformed to God; he shall spend an eternity in exalted exercises of love to Him, and in enjoyment of His love. If God were not to be enjoyed in heaven, but only vast wealth, immense treasures of silver and gold, great honor of such kind as men obtain in this world, and a fullness of the greatest sensual delights and pleasures – all these things would not make up for the want of God and Christ, and the enjoyment of them there. If heaven were empty of God, it would indeed be an empty, melancholy place. The godly have been made sensible, as to all creature-enjoyments, that they cannot satisfy the soul; and therefore nothing will content them but God. Offer a saint what you will, if you deny him God he will esteem himself miserable. God is the center of his desires; and as long as you keep his soul from its proper center it will not be at rest.”

I remember someone noted the emptiness of that Super Bowl half time extravaganza. That is the way the whole world appears once you have tasted the goodness of Christ for yourself, everything seems empty. The pursuit of pleasure in the things of this world will always leave you with a giant void in your soul. Christ alone can satisfy the soul. Would somebody please turn on the lights?!

5 Replies to “TURN ON THE LIGHTS”

  1. Perhaps there was something more than mechanical failure going on right after half time. Could it have been a warning to all the “virgins” who watched all of half time unaffected in their spirit. Matt. 25: 1-13

  2. Amen, Christ is all I need. The world can have all the junk in it. Hallelujah, my lights are on. I woke up this morning singing, Lord you make all things work together for my good.
    I am the same way with tv. Everything is so fake, put on, full of lies, just like football. All the bookies have all those games set up. Of course its about the money. The
    Lord has shown me so much about life as I observe it.
    Everything is fixed, lied about, all about money and sex, recreating Gods work and getting bigger boobs, drinking. Thank you Lord, for pulling me out of this world into your hands.
    BLESSINGS PASTOR FRANK. Don’t need this world anymore, moving on to something new, REAL NEW…

  3. Once Adam and Eve got kicked out of the”Garden Of Eden” the devil helped them create what you see in the world to this very day! I yearn with a deep desire to see how awesome things are going to look when Heaven and Earth are made new again! What miraculous times do we have ahead of us saints! Revelation chapter 21.

  4. Right on que Pastor Frank! It would have been better if the lights went out when she was performing! Circque De Sole'(sp?) should perform next year. Or they should get the event planners from the Olympics.The Charlie’s Angels theme was not so original either. It’s so exciting to see what God will do through me for his glory, as I pass the 50 something yard dash!lol!

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