MERRY MONDAY- “Free from the Contagion of this World!”
I love to spend time mediating on verses in the Bible, last week it was I Peter 1:5 “who are kept by the power of God through faith”. The word “kept”means to garrison, fortify, guard, and preserve. Clark says; “By the power of God, by the mighty and miracle-working power of God; for nothing less is necessary to keep and preserve, in this state of continual trial, a soul from the contagion that is in the world. But this power of God is interested in the behalf of the soul by faith; to believe is our work, the exertion of the almighty power is of God. No persevering without the power, and no power without faith.” Haha, I am so glad that I am preserved from all the “contagion” of this world. Today is Lundi Gras and this becomes such a great word for today! Calvin said our salvation is being guarded or kept even though we are “tossed about in the world on a troubled sea in the midst of a thousand wrecks”. We can have comfort knowing that Christ has gone before us to prepare a place. Christ my shield and exceeding great reward is my protector and this shelter is impregnable. Sometimes I truly feel that I am going to “jump” out of my skin, I am surrounded by the grace of God in my life. He defends me, protects me, brings me fresh life everyday. James Faucet speaks of God living organically in us, “The believer lives spiritually in God, and God lives in him. “In” marks that the cause is inherent in the means, working organically through them with living influence, so that the means, in so far as the cause works organically through them, exist also in the cause. The power of God which guards the believer is no external force working upon him from without with mechanical necessity, but the spiritual power of God in which he lives, and with whose Spirit he is clothed. It comes down on, and then dwells in him, even as he is in it.”
Gills goes on to say, “Just think Christ prays for us, that our faith fail not; and we are kept not by our own power and might, or that of any other creature, but “by the power of God”; as with a guard, or in a garrison. We not only have angels encamp about them, and salvation is for walls and bulwarks, all around them; but God himself, in the perfection of his power, is a wall of fire to them; he is round about them from henceforth and for ever; their place of defense is the munition of rocks; his name is a strong tower, where they run and are safe.”
As we go through another miserable Mardi Gras watching New Orleans “do things” they would never do elsewhere, we can rest assured “we are being kept” through all the contagion that is going on. Lange said, “Fear not the enemies of your soul, for you are surrounded by a strong protecting body guard.” Now that’s worth shouting over!

4 Replies to “CONTAGION”

  1. Amen Pastor Parris! I read the Bailey Drink every morning and usually don’t comment (because it would probably be everyday haha), but it always speaks to me. I woke up thinking how awesome it is that God has me in His hands and keeps me from the foolishness of the world. Although it can be a hard place, as everyone does not “get” why I do or don’t do the things I do…the way I live. But, I am a christian, afterall! Countless nights after leaving service at Victory I would go home and spill out what I had taken in…through poetry. Here is a small part of one thatwas inspired by Pastor Frank’s preaching on this very thing…thanks so much! You guys serious impact lives for Christ, and I am certain I’m not only speaking for myself. We love y’all!

    When all grows dim I lift my hands and yield to that wondrous call, finding joy through gates of praise-secure within salvation’s walls. Gliding high above this place, painting grey skies with fearless strokes, restored by love and boundless grace-joyous light transporting hope.

  2. HALLELUJAH, Pastor Parris. It’s so amazing how the Lord sifts you through all of that carnal and nasty garbage/ stuff you use to do, and grabs you out of the CROWD and sets you aside for Himself, when we just yield and say I quit, I can’t do it without you Lord, its all yours, My life, my time, my everything is His. I can remember all those Mardi Gras days I went out and got so wasted and drugged up and ended up in the French quarter wow. ut anyway this is my second year not going to Mardi Gras and have no urge to, thank you Lord, I don’t raise my hands to man and floats anymore ha, and beads . I raise my hands to the Real One who Created the World that gave me everything from beginning to the end, ha, what an amazing I AM we serve daily 24/7. I just have to say, ha Holy, Holy, Holy is He, my King of Kings, My Lord of Lords, my Omega, Alpha and Rock. Have an awesome and Blessed day in our Lord. I am with you,ha. With love…;)

  3. Oops I also wanted to say Lord thank you for your mercy and grace and protection.
    Last night my wife and I were coming home from the barn and had to go another way because a gray y ford pickup truck was hit by a train on the tracks, probably due to drinking. I pray all turned out well, but He always had me in His Arms now that my eyes and ears are open. Thank you, Dad.

  4. I feel like myself and other saints are full of the light Christ! Which is shining out into the darkness of this world! John 8:12-18. John 1:1-10. Later family!

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