Psa. 39:3 My heart was hot within me;
While I was musing, the fire burned.
Then I spoke with my tongue:

Paul told Timothy to stir up the gift of God. Translating Paul’s words literally, you would say, “Fan the flame”. Paul was actually telling Timothy to stir up his affections for The Lord. They were facing difficult times of persecution, and quite honestly, you are not going to allow yourself to be persecuted for things you don’t feel strongly about. In today’s scripture, David teaches us about the effect of meditating on, or pondering scripture. As he reflected on The Lord and His promises his heart would be enflamed with spiritual passion. If your fire seems to be going dim, try musing, you may be surprised at the results. Here is Thomas Watson’s thoughts on this verse.

“The fire burned. Meditate so long till thou findest thy heart grow warm in this duty. If, when a man is cold you ask how long he should stand by the fire? sure, till he be thoroughly warm, and made fit for his work. So, Christian, thy heart is cold; never a day, no, not the hottest day in summer, but it freezes there; now stand at the fire of meditation till thou findest thy affections warmed, and thou art made fit for spiritual service. David mused till his heart waxed hot within him. I will conclude this with that excellent saying of Bernard: “Lord, I will never come away from thee without thee.” Let this be a Christian’s resolution, not to leave off his meditations of God till he find something of God in him; some moving of the bowels after God; some flamings of love.”

Jonathan Edwards wrote often about the power of spiritual desire, he called it religious affections. Actually, one of his best books goes by the title Religious Affections. In that book Edwards taught about what he called spiritual allurement. He said that if we want to awaken our love for God, “put yourself in the place of spiritual allurement”. One of the ways we do that is musing or meditating on the scripture. There are also other ways to put ourself in the place of spiritual allurement. You can accomplish this by listening to worship music throughout the day, attending worship services where there is an opportunity for spiritual saturation, or spending time with spiritual friends that actually enjoy talking about The Lord.

King David understood the power of allurement. He had been effected both positively and negatively by its power. He suffered greatly for his sinful behavior with Bathsheba. How did that happen to such a great man? It is really quite simple, he fell into temptation after watching Bathsheba from his rooftop. He was allured by her beauty. In the same way, David was often seen dancing in the tabernacle before the ark. David was dancing because of beholding the beauty of The Lord. How do we overcome the temptations we face in this goofy world? Learn from the seasoned man of God (David) ” While I was musing the fire burned”. What are you musing on today?

3 thoughts on “ALLUREMENT”

  1. Good Morning, Pastor Frank, yes Sir, stir it up, Hallelujah, worship all day, get saturated in His love, music, sing songs to Him. Read His Word, nothing like a good a good stir and receive daily from our Heavenly Father, thank you Jesus and Holy Spirit. Dancing all day laughing, focusing, meditating on Him. Changes the whole atmosphere. Talking to Him, I am absorbed in Him. Amazing how worship music stirs up the Power with in you and gives you all the energy you will ever need and more. I live to dance and sing for the Lord. After all that’s what we are made to do. Ha, the power of music, His music and wording, nothing like it, as the song goes, Jesus I live to worship you. It knocks down wall’s and moves mountains. Have a bless day Pastor, with love;)

  2. I wanna thank you for this one. So thank you for putting that word musing on my mind. I desperatley needed that been feeling distant.

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