Song 1:2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth—
For your love is better than wine.

For far too many people Christianity has become our dutiful response to the death of God’s Son, that is not the heart of true Christianity. The Lord is not looking for dutiful robots, He longs for passionate lovers. Think about it, the most anticipated event in history is the marriage supper of the Lamb. That is comparable to the wedding reception, a celebration of the joy to come in a brand new marriage. Nothing is more insulting than a bride or a groom disinterested or bored on the honeymoon. The honeymoon is a celebration of the passion that the bride and groom have for one another, in the same way, the love of God erupts strong, incomparable emotional feelings in those who taste the reality of His love. John Arnott spoke about the importance of strong feelings comparable to romance in our Christian faith. Check out his comments from his book “The Father’s Blessing”.


“How would you feel if you asked someone to marry you and this was the reply: ‘Yes,I’ll marry you. But I do not want any of that emotional stuff. I do not like it when you put your arms around me or kiss me or that kind of thing. I just want to be practical. I will work for you, make money, take care of the house and the kids and everything else, but do not try to kiss me or be intimate with me.’ Would you be anxious to marry that person? No. It isn’t what Jesus wants in His bride either. He wants a bride who loves Him and then serves Him because she loves Him. ”

Can you imagine a husband treating his wife as if kissing her is just his duty, a kiss with no romance is like worship without passion. Here is the way Edward John Carnell puts it:
“Suppose a husband asks his wife if he must kiss her good night. Her answer is, “You must, but not that kind of a must.” What she means is this: “Unless a spontaneous affection for my person motivates you, your overtures are stripped of all moral value.”

If you really think about it, why are we wired the way we are? Why is it humans are created with not only intellect but with strong feeling? Emotions are a huge part of our makeup, The Lord does not intend for us to shut them off, He wants them targeted at the right things. For the unsaved, they have no value of spiritual things. Their response would be either no feelings or hostility toward The Lord. When a person experiences true conversion his heart is deeply effected. Often times the touch of God will bring laughter or tears, often at the same time. We are made to love. we are made to love deeply and passionately. That’s why Jesus said to Love The Lord with all your strength, your heart, and your mind. That is a pretty good description of someone caught up in the holy romance.


  1. How can Love be satisfied with anything less than being loved back? By His very nature Love wants to give, share, be pursued by the ones He loves, and walk in intimate relationship with that love. This is why we were created, to walk hand in hand with Love Himself, He won’t be satisfied with anything else.

  2. Hallelujah, LOVE, the main Key ingredient. Without Love we have nothing, Bankrupt. What a wonderful word to put into action and watch it grow. I like watching the faces of some of the people that has done you dirty and still say love you to them. They think I’m crazy but its ok, that word LOVE knocks them off T here feet, over powers them. Just like Jesus swept me off my feet and captured me in His arms with His. Love, I just love the way it sounds, puts Jesus’s Love to work and action, full of compassion, He has everything of me, and I want to do more for Him. I want people to see His love and everything in me because of What He has done to me not to boast in me ,but to boast in Him, its All His Glory not mine. I want His love to shine on me and my love to shine back at Him. He is my ALL, EVERYTHING. I am in love with A REAL AND TRUE MAN. O HOW HOLY IS HE. Just to let you know Pastor Frank I blow Him a kiss every morning when I am finish reading my Bible and praying,. I am not ashamed to say it, I am so so so in love with Him. He has my Heart, Soul Mind and Strength. All, with lots and lots of Love, thanks for the Blog, Blessings to you and Family.

  3. James K. Marse Jr.

    My love for Jesus Christ is never ending! I love him so much that it would be a pleasure to serve him as a single man! Too serve him like the apostle Paul would be such an adventure! Jude 21. Revelation 14:1-4,15:1-3. Luke 6:27-38.

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