2Cor. 12:9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

We have experienced our share of trials and also our share of the Glory of God. Over the years, we have experienced betrayal by friends, insurrections on our staff, the worst natural disaster in North American history, and painful family experiences. We have also experienced incredible supernatural outpouring in our church, amazing revivals literally all over the world, unexpected harvests, and personal encounters with God that are beyond description. I am learning constantly about the sufficiency of God’s grace. Grace is much more than God winking at sin and a compromising lifestyle. No, grace is way more than that. Grace puts us in touch with the world of angels, visions, prophesies, healings, miracles: actually it opens up the unseen world of the Holy Spirit to us. Grace supplies us with a satisfaction in God that eclipses the pain of the trials in this crazy, mixed up world. Albert Barnes spoke powerfully about God’s amazing grace, check this out.

“My grace is sufficient for thee – A much better answer than it would have been to have removed the calamity; and one that seems to have been entirely satisfactory to Paul. The meaning of the Savior is that he would support him; that he would not suffer him to sink exhausted under his trials; that he had nothing to fear. The infliction was not indeed removed; but there was a promise that the favor of Christ would be shown to him constantly, and that he would find his support to be ample. If Paul had this support, he might well bear the trial; and if we have this assurance, as we may have, we may welcome affliction, and rejoice that calamities are brought upon us. It is a sufficient answer to our prayers if we have the solemn promise of the Redeemer that we shall be upheld and never sink under the burden of our heavy woes.”

Just like Paul experienced, all of us have let our trials get us down. We easily slip over into the proverbial pity party. Paul obviously was tired of the beatings and asked The Lord to remove his trials. The Lord’s answer was quite amazing,”My grace is sufficient”. Yes it is! His grace is more than enough. I often think of the eleven years of incredible outpourings in our church from August of 1994 to August of 2005. The incredible grace that we tasted during that season was our sustenance for the trial called Katrina that visited us in August of 2005. I don’t think I could have endured that dark season without the overflowing portion of grace that I had received. To me, Katrina confirmed the sufficiency of God’s grace. If you are struggling, maybe feeling sorry for yourself, receive this devotion as the word of The Lord to you. His grace is your sufficiency today in your present situations.


  1. Yes, we all have struggles and situations in this Life. And Yes, only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a bridge over these troubled waters. Yes Lord, Thank You So Very Much for Your outpouring of Grace, Mercy and Peace.

  2. Grace, thank you LORD. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on human beings, also protection or sanctification by the favor of God.
    An excellence or power granted by God. DIVINE LOVE. Whew Pastor Frank, what an awesome loving, caring, GRACEFUL LORD WE HAVE AND SERVE. Grace when we get up and grace when we lay down to sleep. Nothing but His Grace and only from Him. Thank you LORD. My granny would
    Wake up every morning singing amazing grace on her sofa, when my Mother and I used to go visit her in Kentucky, she Loved the Lord, and III can still see and hear her now. She was a perfect example of a person who the Lord. Thank you LORD for her. Come rain, snow, sleet whatever when it was time for Church she was going. As I look at my life and look at her, I always say to myself my granny was showing me something great the whole time. I remember asking my Mother why does Granny sing that all the time. She would tell me she loves the LORD. I had to stick this in here to since I’m talking about my Granny, my cousin Scott and I were in the back bedroom playing cards one night when we were visiting granny and she came walking in the bedroom and saw Scott and I playing cards one night when we were visiting, I tell you what we never played cards in that house again. Ha, she was amazing and full of Gods Grace. No any kind of cards in there. Her name was Mary Ballinger, awesome woman of God.
    Pentecostal ALL THE WAY. With love, have a BLESSED DAY and thanks for your blogs. O by the way AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET IT IS, THANK YOU LORD.

  3. How many days have I fallen broken only to lay upon that very verse? I do not think I can count that high.

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