Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. 26And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.”Joel 2:25-26

This verse gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside. Way back in the early 80’s, Frank and I lived in a small double near Lafrenier Park having at that time just Jeremy and Nathan. I remember being plaqued by lice, worms and yes rats and while doing my daily chores God spoke this verse to me from the book of Joel. I began to understand that there is the downswing of adversity and the upswing of prosperity. (Simpson)This scripture confirms those seasons.
I love this quote from the Homiletic Commentary- “The great abundance of the plentiful years should replenish the granaries and storehouses, which has been emptied in the years of famine. The destroyer will do no more mischief. Joy is to succeed sorrow. It comes not by chance but by divine commission. Where sin abounds, grace superabounds, God would make up for the produce lost in year. He would give full compensation.”
Maybe you have gone through a very long season of emptiness, lack, and closed doors. If we remain faithful, walk in repentance and steadfastness, He promises to restore the years so much that it would seem you have never experienced it! He will deal wondrously in our lives if we remain steadfast.
This month we celebrate 4 years opening Mary’s Song Restoration Center, talk about seeing God restore! One of the girls, who is our first African American to graduate the program, saw firsthand God restoring her life. Her one and only son was taken away from her when she was 14 (due to her lifestyle). At the young age of 22, he was sent to Angola for life without parole. Hope spent her whole life as a crack addict starting at the young age of 12. All her son knew was his momma on crack. Last week Hope was able to go to Angola to visit her son after not seeing him for 6 years. You can imagine his face when he saw not a crack addict but a beautiful healthy glowing woman. She was able to bring the love of Christ and God begin to restore the years that the devil stole.
I am here to tell you that your joy will be revived, He will make good, make it up, compensate, bring restitution and make amends. Maybe you went weeping bearing precious seed but you will doubtless come again bringing your sheaves with you. Yes, your granaries that once sat empty for years will once again overflow with His goodness. Exponentially God comes into our lives and nothing remains the same!


  1. Good Merry Monday to You Pastor Parris: Oh to be Steadfast, Remain Faithful, and to Walk in Repentance: that is Monumental!!! A Special 3times ShoutOut to Hope: 1for The Father, 1for The Son, and 1for The Holy Ghost!!! Don’t let go of The Master’s Hand so You can fulfill The Master’s Plan!!! God Bless and God’s Best for all the work you do with The Women of Mary’s Song. Thank Father God, please continue Your Awesome Blessings, and please meet every need before they even know they have a need. Amen!!!

  2. Thank you jesus!! So happy for hope! ! And the restoration that happen !! Love that if we remain faithful, walk in repentance and steadfastness he promises restore the years so much you never experienced!! Wow!! To hear these testimony in people lives! Thank you jesus!! Oh! How he loves us!! 😉 have a blessed day!!!

  3. Hallelujah, He restores everything. This past weekend we lost our Blue Macaw bird. Someone came up and stole him out of his cage out of the yard. He has been with us for 17 years and now he is gone, its amazing how the Lord changes people and myself. I can remember when I would of lost control, probably would if ended up in jail because of this kind of incident someone did to us. But thank you Jesus for the nine fruits of the Spirit you gave me as you started transforming me. ( self control). You can call me NEHEMIAH, always on my knees. I have put it in the Lords hands and what ever the outcome is, its going tk be better than it was. Thank you Lord, you know who did it and as you say in ISAIAH 54, whoever attacks you will surrender to you. It is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into the flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to work havoc;DEVASTATION, NO WEAPON FORGED AGAINST YOU WILL PREVAIL.

    HALLELUJAH TO THE KING. He Will Restore us just like He has always has and we will get our bird back from the enemy. Thank you Jesus, I am a Child of the King of King. Look out Satan.
    Blessings Pastor Parris, have a wonderful day in our Lord. With Love

  4. Terisa C. Davidson

    I want to believe you, but just because God does something for one person it doesn’t mean he’ll do it for you or the same way. I’ve only seen bad in my life, and it’s only gotten worse. I believe in God and no one can take my faith away. I just believe that God’s word is sometimes taken out of context. In Romans 9:14-24, Paul speaks to Rome about the Israelites and God’s relationship to the Israelites about how only God has the right or power to chose who he wants saved and for what purpose a person plays in his plans for mankind. This is why we as humans are to teach about God’s greatness, goodness, and power, as well as his grace, but we humans do not have the power to save that was always given to Christ who died for us.

  5. The lord is touching my heart with some of the experiences you and pastor frank have had that are somewhat a little similar to me and my wife’s path. Thank you for allowing us to hear and know your deepest testamony treasures. They are priceless and life saving. Want to hear so much more of it as you both do these drink offerings.

  6. Yes yes. This is the God I serve. I may be cast down but never destroyed, and God is faithful to restore all. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. James K. Marse Jr.

    Job 1:6-22 speaks volumes about the life of each servant of God! Matthew 5:3-16 gives me strength when going through various trials! God bless you friends!

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