Mysteries beyond human comprehension were shared between the Father and the Son in that secret place called Gethsemane. Somehow, Jesus caught a glimpse of the horrors of Calvary that day. The suffering He was about to experience was beyond the realm of our ability to comprehend. You see, Calvary was more than physical suffering. Now don’t get me wrong, there was excruciating suffering ahead for Jesus. There was the beating at the whipping post, there was the crown of thorns and the punches of the soldiers, there were the spikes driven through His hand and feet as He was nailed to the cross, and there was the horrific suffering of suffocation as He hung for hours on the cross. That suffering was extreme but that was not even the beginning of awaited Our Lord the next day. As He prayed in the garden, the Father opened the eyes of His Son to see the price of redemption. Christ would actually take our sin upon Himself as our substitute. This sinless One would take our sinfulness upon Himself. He had to see it for Himself before He could willfully take our place. “Not My will, but let Your will be done”. This was the decision that Christ was making all alone with the Father just before His arrest. Here is something of what Spurgeon said about this holy night.

“Few had fellowship with the sorrows of Gethsemane. The majority of the disciples were not sufficiently advanced in grace to be admitted to behold the mysteries of the agony. Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, represent the few eminent, experienced saints, who may be written down as Fathers; these having done business on great waters, can in some degree measure the huge Atlantic waves of their Redeemer’s passion. To some selected spirits it is given, for the good of others, and to strengthen them for future, special, and tremendous conflict, to enter the inner circle and hear the pleadings of the suffering High Priest; they have fellowship with him in his sufferings, and are made conformable unto his death. Yet even these cannot penetrate the secret places of the Saviour’s woe… there was an inner chamber in our Master’s grief, shut out from human knowledge and fellowship. There Jesus is left alone. Here Jesus was more than ever an Unspeakable gift! Is not Watts right when he sings-

And all the unknown joys he gives,
Were bought with agonies unknown.”

Only in heaven will we begin to understand the cost of love our Savior paid when He died for us. As we reflect on the sufferings of Christ this Easter season, we have to remember the incredible love He has for us. It was more than physical suffering my Lord bore for me, He bore the brunt of my shameful past. When we begin to comprehend the beauty and horror of Calvary, only then do we become aware of the ugliness of sin, only then will we receive His forgiveness. The power of His love will led us out of the bondage of sin in this life.

5 Replies to “AGONIES UNKNOWN”

  1. Jesus you are my everything. THANK YOU AND GLORY TO YOU.
    Pastor Frank you said it ALL, Hallelujah to our King, He did it all for us.
    I will suffer for Him. I love Him. Blessings and Love, Kevin..;)
    What a REAL Savior. Have a awesome Easter Weekend.
    Last year ok put lights up on the outside of my house and this year I have done the same, IT’S ALL FOR HIS GLORY.

  2. “Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of All Nature, Oh Thou of God and of Man The Son, Thee will I Cherish, Thee will I Honor, Thy My Soul’s Joy and Crown.” Not too sure all the words are correct, guess I could get on the Internet to double-check??? But again phrasing from another Hymn we sang in Church when I was growing up. Thank You So Very Much Lord Jesus for Your Sorrow in Gethsemane!!! Though I will never-ever be worthy of The Mysteries of Your Agony — You did it “Just For Me.” Thank You My Lord for taking Pity upon my Sin, Shame and Pain. Thank You Jesus for giving me an Everlasting Joy that I do not and will never-ever deserve. You did it anyway and I owe it All to You — Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

  3. Oh please forgive me, I’m on a New-Wine High right-about-now: but I just have to say: Jesus is the Reason for Any and Every Season, it’s not about Easter, but about Resurrection!!! From the Cradle-to-the-Grave, only Jesus Saves!!! His Death and Arising Again, is so that we too can Live Again with Him and All Heavenly Hosts in Glory Eternally!!! No Bunny, Chicken nor Any Egg can ever do that!!! We really need to Teach Our Children Well, but we are not perfect, and we go lacking. And again Jesus covers All!!! But, if we are going to Worship and Believe, let us Worship and Believe in Honor and Truth!!!

  4. 1Peter4:12-19 God is such a rewarder of those who diligently seek him out! Sometimes it puzzles me that my mind has been stricken with mental illness! Why me O’ Great Lord Of Hosts! I’m sure he has his reasons!

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