“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Gen.1:1

While the ruckus was going on in Boston I was having our annual Women’s Retreat at Gulf Shores. During the massive manhunt our girls were having precious moments with the Master. He is certainly “holding all things by the word of his power”. All of us must go back “to the beginning” to experience revival in our lives. Is it too late for the United States to turn? Even Spurgeon writes these words about revival in his time. “The Holy Spirit is quite as able to convert men, to quicken, enlighten, sanctify, and instruct. There is nothing which he has done which he cannot do again; the treasures of God are as full and as running over now as they were in the beginning of the Christian age. If we do not see such great things, where lies the restraining force? It is in our unbelief. “If thou believest, all things are possible to him that believeth. Ere this year has gone, God can make a wave of revival break over England, Scotland, and Ireland, from one end to the other, ay, and he can deluge the whole world with the gospel if we will but cry to him for it, and he wills to do it, for he is “the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever,” in the resources of his grace.”
Just as “in the beginning” we need the Holy Spirit to bring peace to our chaos. Matthew Henry has this to say, “The Spirit of God was the first mover: He moved upon the face of the waters. When we consider the earth without form and void, methinks it is like the valley full of dead and dry bones. Can these live? Can this confused mass of matter be formed into a beautiful world? Yes, if a spirit of life from God enter into it, Ezek. xxxvii. 9. Now there is hope concerning this thing; for the Spirit of God begins to work, and, if he work, who or what shall hinder? God is said to make the world by his Spirit, and by the same mighty worker the new creation is effected. He moved upon the face of the deep, as Elijah stretched himself upon the dead child,–as the hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and hovers over them, to warm and cherish them, Matt. xxiii. 37,–as the eagle stirs up her nest, and flutters over her young. God is not only the author of all being, but the fountain of life and spring of motion. Dead matter would be for ever dead if he did not quicken it.”
In a strange way I sense revival in the air. While the world is experiencing chaos, we Christians can redirect ourselves for the harvest and for his presence. The chaos of the world brings about disorder, confusion and every evil work. But when God steps in our lives we feel His peace and His purpose.

7 Replies to “IN THE BEGINNING”

  1. Thanks for wetting my appetite for him this morning. That’s a whole lot tastey than hearing ten things to better my life or did I do this or that to get this. You all are so unique. Been away for some time now and victory it seems is swimming only in the river.

  2. Amen! ! Redirection!! Paradin shirt! For the harvest! Souls who jesus wants to draw and touch! ! Awesome blog pastor Parris heard you ladies had a beautiful time!! 🙂 have a blessed day!! Lisa

  3. Whew, I have to say Hallelujah to that verse. How powerful is that?
    Hallelujah, our God is Almighty. He is magnificent, Unique, Awesome. He is my Father, my everything, He can restore anything He did me.
    My King of Kings. The restorer. He makes ALL things new. Blessings and Love, Pastors, have an awesome day in Our Lord..:)

  4. Very Wonderful and Good Merry Monday via The Living Well. In The Beginning Was The Word, and The Word Was With God, and The Word Was God. Almost like: Which came 1st the Chicken or the Egg??? Well, Jesus was there All-Along, Right With Abba Father: “Spring Up O’ Well Within My Soul…” Jesus, Emmanuel, Amen.

  5. Come Revival Come!!! Let Love Flow, bringing Peace Like A River, Flooding Our Souls and Making Us Whole for All of Eternity!!! Just got to Pray-It-Again: “Spring Up O’ Well Within My Soul…” Jesus, Emmanuel, Amen.

  6. Please forgive me, I am full. I was pretty much glued to the News all week last week of what happened in Boston and here in TX with the plant explosion. However, since 911 it has been in my heart that what we flock to the movie theatres to see is being poured out in Real Life — Real Time!!! Yes, I know terroists, bombs and guns are real — but we have been so pre-occupied and thrilled with movie adaptations that now, to me and in my view, Jehovah God has Let It Be So!!! This is our exchange for not making Worship and Revival consistent in our Lives!!! And yes I still Believe, if we Turn from our Wicked Ways and Obey God, He will hear our prayer(s) and Heal Our Land!!! Nothing is Ever too Hard for Our Jehovah God, but How Hard are Our Hearts??? For Saints and Sinners Alike, Come Revival Come, Please Lord, If It Be Thou Will, Amen.

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