Rumors of My Death


Mark 5:35 ¶ While He was still speaking, some came from the ruler of the synagogue’s house who said, “Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?”

There are various versions of Mark Twain’s most famous quote but the one I remember is this, “The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated”. When I hear this quote, my childhood memories of Tom Sawyer are resurrected. Tom was thought to be dead and actually snuck in and attended his own funeral, talk about rumors of a death being exaggerated.
All of us go through various sorts of death experiences throughout our lives. In 1994 there were all sorts of death rumors about our ministry. That’s when Jesus walked into our church and everything changed. Out of our supposed death came a resurrection of life and ministry. Our church is still feeling the ramifications of that time of visitation.
In today’s verse, Jairus had just lost his daughter. She had died before The Lord was able to make it to their house. By the time The Lord arrived, the funeral mourning had begun. His announcement upon His arrival was quite shocking, “She’s not dead, she’s only sleeping”. Charles Spurgeon spoke powerfully about this situation.

“The funeral had already begun: ‘the minstrels’ had commenced their hideous discords. Mistrustful friends are eager to bury us before the due time; and we are ourselves too apt to fall into the same error about others. Unbelief in the undertakers and the hired mourners to bury those who will yet live for years. We give over to hopelessness those whom Jesus will save; or we begin ‘making a noise’ where a gracious, silent work would be far better. Jesus will have the death-music quieted; for it is premature, and even false in its significance. He says to the minstrels, ‘Give place’ Many things have to give place when Jesus comes on the scene; and he takes care that they shall give place; for he puts them out of the room. To him the maid is asleep rather than dead; for he is about to call her back to life. He sees the future as well as the present; and to him that in that light ‘the maid is not dead, but sleepeth’. The Lord Jesus wants not pipers, flute-players, and wailers; his own still voice is more fit for work in the death-chamber with a young girl. Jesus is going to do wonders, and the hired performances of those who mimic woe are not in tune therewith.”

Are you facing a crisis today. You really have two options, you can join in with the mourners and attend your own funeral, or you can step into God’s faith. When that happens you will see the glory of The Lord. Your friends and family may not give you any hope, they’ve already started the songs of mourning. So if you hear the people beginning to sing over your dead body, get ready, your greatest day is about to begin.

One Reply to “Rumors of My Death”

  1. Psalm 23. Dear God May We Truly Trust This Precious Song Of David. This Passage Boldly Embraces Life Even In The Face Of Death. Thank You Lord, For Your Declaration Of Faith, Peace, And Protection, In Jesus Precious Holy Name, Amen.

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