Psa. 90:12 ¶  So teach us to number our days

that we may get a heart of wisdom.

You ever think what your last day on earth will be like? I wonder if I will live to be an old, old man and die peacefully in my sleep, or will I live to see the return of Christ. Or maybe things will change and possibly I could experience martyrdom (that brings up another boatload of questions). I wonder if I could go by way of accident or unexpected illness? Nevertheless, no man knows the day or the hour of his death. Every day we have been given by the grace of God is precious. As Moses said in today’s verse, “teach us to number our days’. I wonder if we knew when our last day on earth would be would that effect the way we live our lives? These are questions most of us never ask ourselves but I think they are important. Here are some thoughts from Jonathan Edwards about today’s verse.

“How much more would many men prize their time, if they knew that they had but a few months, or a few days more in the world; and certainly a wise man would prize his time the more, because he does not know but that it is so. This is the case with multitudes now in the world that now are in health, and so see no signs of approaching death. Many without doubt are to die the next month, and many are to die the next week; many are to die tomorrow that now know nothing of it, and think nothing about it. And neither they nor their neighbors can say they are any more likely soon to be taken out of the world than others. How many have died out of this town at one time and another, when neither they nor their neighbors saw any signs of death a week beforehand. And probably there are various persons now here present, hearing what I now say, that are to die in a very little time, that have no apprehension of it.”

Some may thinks Edwards a little morbid but I don’t think so. As a teenager he made a commitment to the Lord to think about the day of his death daily. I think it greatly effected the way he lived his life. Paul told us the same thing. He said “redeem the time for the days are evil”. Thinking about the way our life will end can prepare us for what really matters, the life that begins the moment this one ends.


  1. Amen! Yes father we ask to guide us ,instrust us ,teach us to number our days,being lead by the holy spirit .we ask Jesus that others who are lost would as says in psalm 83:18 that they may know that you,whose name alone is the Lord, are the most High over all the earth. In Jesus name .come Lord like you promised pour your spirit!!

  2. We can not change yesterday , we are not promised tomorow . So today is all there is , chose to live it to glorify God . As for me I need Him everyday , and I am greatful to know this .

  3. It is so against our in born fallen nature, when having never experienced any life threatening trauma, to see ourselves as anything but indestructible. For the godless to consider as an adult that we are sustained by anyone but ourselves (unless you have been taught how to use and abuse your way through life) would only be true if we had become a slave, in which case we would have unwillingly given up control of our lives. With God’s plan for us to yield all control, willingly to Him, which is a daily fight with our flesh, we become more and more aware of just how fragile this fleshly earth suit that we are identified by, can be. It is then that we start to realize that there is more to us than what’s looking back at us in a mirror, and that a Christian’s definition of life would be written as, Chapter 1: Life on Earth (A short story)
    Chapter 2: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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