The God of peace, sanctify you through and through.

1 THES.5:23
Have you ever had a guilty conscience? If you are born again, that’s where your salvation experience started. By grace, you realized the obvious; you are a sinner in need of a Savior. We all are. So our spiritual journey started with a guilty conscience, it continues with a clean conscience. We were separated from God from our birth, Paul said we were God’s enemies until that great day when we were changed by amazing grace, we are no longer enemies; we have become friends of God. Now that we have passed from being enemies to becoming friends, the Lord has more He wants to do in us. He refuses to leave us as He found us and just overlook or punish us for our sins. He wants more than that for us. He is not content until He sees Christ formed in us. Now it’s becoming clearer and clearer, those cloudy plans He has for my life are not so cloudy any more. He is determined to complete His work of change that He began in me. Here are some thoughts from Ellicott on the beauty of being holy.
“The very God of peace.—In more usual English, “the God of peace Himself:” the contrast is between the futile efforts after holiness of which they in themselves were capable, and the almighty power of sanctification exercised by God. This sanctification (which is the special work of the Third Person) is here ascribed to the First Person of the Holy Trinity, from whom the Holy Ghost proceeds. He is called the “God of peace,” not in reference to any dissensions between the Thessalonians, but because of the peace which His sanctification brings into the soul, so that it fears neither temptation’s power nor persecution’s rage.”
So much for the struggle of trying to be holy myself. He has cleansed us and given us a new nature. Christ is being formed in each of us. So rather than trying to convince myself that I am not that bad I have come to some conclusions. Just admit what a horrible person you are. That’s where the change begins. The horrible me is not only forgiven but given over to death so that this new man, Christ, can live in me. As Christ lives His life in us, we see the fulfillment of today’s verse. We are being sanctified through and through.

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