PSA. 126:1 ¶ When the LORD brought back the captivity of Zion,
We were like those who dream.
This can’t be real, too good to be true; no matter how you describe it there are some things that are just too big for words. How do you describe unspeakable joy? That’s the point, it’s just indescribable. That’s what we were tasting in the summer of 1994, it was an outpouring that was too big for words. Nothing I could say would do it justice. God had come down and we couldn’t stop laughing. The problem was this, all of my Christian friends associated revival with tears and laughter as some sort of trivial, even carnal, indulgence. I could understand, I thought the same thing until it happened to me. That’s what today’s scripture is all about. The people of God had suddenly been set free from years of captivity. Their prison doors of captivity suddenly swung open. They had never known one day of freedom but now, it just seemed like a dream. “If this is a dream I don’t want to ever wake up.” Exactly! I once was bound but now I’m free. There are no words to describe it. Here are some thoughts on this verse from Spurgeon’s Treasury of David.
“Being in trouble, the gracious pilgrims remember for their comfort times of national woe which were succeeded by remarkable deliverances. Then sorrow was gone like a dream, and the joy which followed was so great that it seemed too good to be true, and they feared that it must be the vision of an idle brain. So sudden and so overwhelming was their joy that they felt like men out of themselves, ecstatic, or in a trance. The captivity had been great, and great was the deliverance; for the great God himself had wrought it: it seemed too good o be actually true: each man said to himself,

“Is this a dream? O if it be a dream, Let me sleep on, and do not wake me yet.”
That’s what we felt in the outpouring of1994. This Psalm became personal. It was as if it was written for us. We were singing, and dancing, and we were laughing. All those years of sorrow were wiped away, it was for freedom that Christ had set us free. So don’t be trapped in preconceived ideas of what it’s like when God comes down. I know my ideas of divine visitation have drastically changed. How do I describe it now? I say it feels just like a dream, a dream that never has to end.

3 thoughts on “DREAMERS”

  1. We’ll sing until the whole world hears!!!!



  2. We have been the beneficiaries of a Holy Spirit outpouring, that again showed us “God’s way’s are not our way’s” We should remain very humbled because who knows what our current existence would be like had we not released back control of our spiritual life and followed God where some of our Christian friends continue to judge with skepticism. I for one hope the next “move” of the Holy Spirit, again unites all Christians trying to be the most fruitful, motivated by the incredible love bestowed on each of us.

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