Psa. 126:2 Then our mouth was filled with laughter,
and our tongue with shouts of joy;

then they said among the nations,

“The LORD has done great things for them.”
I had never laughed so much In my life. Actually, it was a totally different kind of joy. Of course I had laughed at jokes and at movies and at unusual circumstances but this was totally different. There was nothing you could put your hand on as being funny, but I couldn’t stop laughing. It was as if the laughing was inside of me and it was unquenchable. The nature of the joy was different from anything I had ever experienced before. It was holy and it was spiritual. I laughed when I was trying to preach and I laughed when I was sleeping at night. It continued like this for several weeks and I realized how much I had been changed. There was a new hunger for God and a new enjoyment of spiritual things. I guess you could say I was restored to my first love. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes it.

“So full were they of joy that they could not contain themselves. They must express their joy and yet they could not find expression for it. Irrepressible mirth could do no other than laugh, for speech was far too dull a thing for it. The mercy was so unexpected, so amazing, so singular that they could not do less than laugh; and they laughed much, so that their mouths were full of it, and that because their hearts were full too. When at last the tongue could move articulately, it could not be content simply to talk, but it must needs sing; and sing heartily too, for it was full of singing. Doubtless the former pain added to the zest of the pleasure; the captivity threw a brighter color into the emancipation. The people remembered this joy flood for years after, and here is the record of it turned into a song…At the moment when he turns our captivity, the heart turns from its sorrow; when he fills us with grace we are filled with gratitude. We were made to be as them that dream, but we both laughed and sang in our sleep.”
This joy is the joy of the Lord. So if you find yourself down in the dumper and it seems like there is no way out of your dilemma don’t be surprised at this unusual way of escape. Just as the children of Israel were released suddenly from their captivity, the joy of the Lord can suddenly bring you too into this new life of freedom and you too will be filled with laughter and the songs of the Lord.

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  1. Even as I read this blog, I feel the deep resources of the River of Joy stirring up in my innermost being! Rising and bubbling to the top in inexpressible joy and contentment of what The Lord did in me also in the 90’s! This joy never waned over the years, but ever increases, never stagnant, ever erupting into the delight of His nearness and dearness to my heart! There was a phrase back then that ever holds true to my life and is my anthem, “never the same!” Hahaha
    ( I’m ever thankful to Pastor Frank and Parris for allowing the Holy Spirit in them to have His way, and with His help to charter and guide the big ship called Victory Fellowship from the waters of religion into the vast ocean of His Spirit of love and joy !!!)

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