Therefore, brothers, we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place,
by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened

for us through the curtain, that is, his body.

Heb. 10:19–20
Why such suffering? Why was Jesus beaten so mercilessly? The prophet Isaiah said that He was marred more than any other man. This visual and public beating of Christ was important. God was speaking to all of us with visuals that are hard to ignore. Just as the Old Testament temple was filled with illustration, so was the death of Christ. Just as the veil in the temple spoke to us about being separated from God because of our sins, the beating and death of Christ speaks to us about the price involved to redeem us from our sin. When the beating and crucifixion was complete an earthquake tore the veil in two. Flesh had been torn, the veil was rent, the way into God’s presence was now open. Here are some words from Andrew Murray on this new and living way.
“In the temple the veil hung like a curtain between the Holy and the Most Holy Places. At the altar in the entrance, the blood for the forgiveness of sins was sprinkled. The sprinkling of blood gave the priests permission to enter the Holy Place to burn incense there as part of the offering. But into the Most Holy Place only the high priest could go, and only once a year. The veil can be seen as a symbol of the sinful nature. In spite of the forgiveness of sins by the sprinkling of blood, entry and fellowship with God were forbidden. But when Christ died, the veil was torn. Christ showed the new, living way to God through the torn veil—His body. The new way, through which all believers now have access to the Most Holy, always goes through the torn veil, the body of Christ. There is no other way to God than through the torn body of Christ.”
This is the message of Easter, we have been given a new way to live our lives. What is this new way? It is life behind the veil, life in the very presence of God. This is why Jesus died, there is no other way to approach the Lord. We must come as Murray says, “through the torn body of Christ”.


  1. With all that Jesus went through, it makes me pause when thinking about the weight of circumstances that bring stress to my life, and wondering when He will release me from them. All of those temporary things seem a lot smaller and manageable in comparison.

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