Col. 1:17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

I was recently reading a book about black holes, creation, and time. In it, there was obviously a missing ingredient that added tension to all the arguments about the universe and its origin. This missing something is the so called X factor that holds everything together. Without it everything would collapse upon itself. Today’s verse says that the Lord holds all things together or sustains all things. The very fabric of creation is held together and filled with God. Without Him everything would collapse into an atomic disaster. Wuest says Lightfoot has an interesting way to describe this characteristic of the Lord.
“Lightfoot translates; “hold together, cohere.” He says; “He is the principle of cohesion in the universe. He impresses upon creation that unity and solidarity which makes it a cosmos (an ordered system) instead of a chaos (an unformed mass). Thus (to take one instance) the action of gravitation, which keeps in their places things fixed and regulates the motions of things moving, is an expression of His mind.”
The Lord not only sustains the universe, He actually holds the details of our lives together. We are part of the all things that He sustains.” Here is how John Owen describes this aspect of the Lord.
“Some translate this as “upholding, supporting, bearing, carrying.” These commentators maintain that it refers to the divine power that is exerted in the conservation of creation that keeps it from sinking into it original confusion and nothingness. About this our Savior says, “My Father works hitherto and I work.” This refers to the providential sustaining of all things made from the beginning. “And this,” says Chrysostom in his commentary, “is a greater work than that of the creation.” By the former all things were brought forth from nothing; by the latter they are preserved from returning to nothing, which is their own nature.

Some take the word to mean his ruling, governing, and disposing of all things made by him and sustained by him. So it may denote the power over all things given to the Son as mediator, or else that providential rule over everything that he has with his Father.”
If this all sounds really complicated lets simplify. The Lord is right in the middle of your life and all of its circumstances. He has a word for you, “I’ve got this”.

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  1. HE holds the whole World IN HIS hands!!!



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