Psa. 59:10 The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.

I love the book of Psalms. David bares himself before the Lord again and again. We learn about transparency and humility as we learn from the man with a ‘heart like God’s’. In today’s verse in the KJV the Psalmist describes God’s ‘preventing mercy’. He reveals how God has had us all along and by His mercy has intervened time and time again on our behalf. I think back in my own life, especially in my rebellious years, how the Lord protected me from the foolish ramifications of my own decisions. Mercy! He kept me when I was stoned and asleep at the wheel spinning in circles in the snow while going 80 MPH off the road on some interstate highway. He kept me from prison in all my foolish choices I made in my youth. He prevented me from marrying the wrong person and blessed me with a beautiful co-laborer who has been the joy of my life for almost 43 years. He has prevented me often times in my Christian years, from launching out on some foolish ‘gospel errand’ and kept me from potential horrendous consequences. He has met me and kept me and blessed me again and again by his preventative mercy. Charles Spurgeon spoke about this in his commentary ‘Treasury of David’.
“God who is the giver and fountain of all the undeserved goodness I have received, will go before me and lead my way as I march onward. He will meet me in my time of need. Not alone shall I have to confront my foes, but he whose goodness I have long tried and proved will gently clear my way, and be my faithful protector. How frequently have we met with preventing mercy—the supply prepared before the need occurred, the refuge built before the danger arose. Far ahead into the future the foreseeing grace of heaven has projected itself, and forestalled every difficulty. God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.”
Now that I am in Christ I am learning to come to this fountain that never runs dry. I drink and I am refreshed, strengthened, empowered, and satisfied. His goodness never ceases, never diminishes, and never becomes stale or boring. The more you drink His mercy the more you want. Thank God today for His preventative mercy. Not only does it keep you from trouble, it also steals your heart.

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