“Loving Our Swine More Than Christ!”


“Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship, and returned back again.” Luke 8:3
What! Are we reading this right? A whole multitude surrounded Jesus and asked him to DEPART from their country, just because he took away their swine? Jesus had just finished delivering one of the most graphically possessed people in the gospels! But instead of seeing a Savior they saw that Jesus took away their commerce. It must have been quite an impact to see 2000 swine floating! Not a pleasant sight indeed. I remember the Lord spoke to me vividly to “go to the bottom of the ocean” and let it all go. What swine are you holding onto?

Pulpit commentary has an interesting note to add-“They felt they could not keep both the Savior and their swine, and of the two they preferred their swine! And He returned back again. The chance, as far as the Gadarene district was concerned, was gone for ever. Jesus probably returned thither no more. Within forty years this district was the scene of one of the terrible calamities of the great Roman war.”

Redemption is to me so amazing. We love the guy who died for others, we love the long hair bearded one that seemed to float around speaking love stories hanging with the cool cats and condemning the religious. But don’t touch my secret stash and tell me what to do and when to do it. We all paint this mythical Jesus in our own way.

The Christ that I have come to know demands all but gives us the strength to hand it over. Somehow he even convinces us it’s a joy and not a sacrifice. I remember the bag of weed that seemed so important back in the day! Really?????

He will definitely come touch your stuff but how freeing it is to be free of it. I am quite certain when Christ walks into my room there will be more to hand over. Let the work of redemption continue in my life! Like the Gaderene demonic that once walked the tombs, I pray I will follow him all the days of my life.

4 Replies to ““Loving Our Swine More Than Christ!””

  1. I immediately thought of several friends and family who I wish would could understand how this applied to them. Then the Holy Spirit had me do a self examination regarding the very same thing. God has given us many great gifts, for me the greatest is discovering the all encompassing value in Jesus.


    1. Summer Saturation , dive into His presence . Tim Hall keeps it real , the Holy Spirit ministering to us , powerful praise and worship . Thank you Pastor Frank and Pastor Parris .

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