Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a fountain; his branches run over the wall. The archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and persecuted him: but his bow abode in strength. Genesis 49:22–24

This is a prophesy that was actually spoken over my life many, many years ago. Jacob was prophesying over his son Joseph, the mantle of God had been on Joseph all of his life. This word describes the life that Joseph had experienced; he had been betrayed by his brothers, persecuted by the Egyptians, lied about by the captain’s wife, and forgotten by pharaoh’s baker. What had kept Joseph throughout all of his troubles? He had been kept secure by the dreams that had fallen on him as a child. He had been set apart from his youth, cloaked in his father’s coat, and as a result experienced the blessing of God all throughout his life. Here are some insights from Adam Clarke on this powerful prophetic word.

“Of the many typical servants of God in the Old Testament, Joseph is perhaps the most perfect. Yet while Scripture reveals no apparent flaw in his character, we know well that his was no easy pathway. When did his troubles begin? Surely with his dreams. They represent spiritual vision. In them he saw what God would do, and his own place in the divine plan. It was his dreams that started things off, for he saw what his brothers could not see. “This dreamer,” they called him, and plotted his downfall. So he was sold as a slave and put in chains of iron (Ps. 105:17–18). Yet Joseph could survive it all to become at length God’s means of fulfilling a mighty purpose for His people. He stands firm to the end who can see.”
Habakuk said that without prophetic vision the people perish. Joseph proved that scripture to be accurate. How does this word apply to us today? Obviously, the Lord has a plan for your life. Just like Joseph, God’s plans will always be opposed by God’s enemies. Our weapons are not human or fleshly but are mighty through God, our weapons are supernatural. One of our powerful weapons is prophetic vision. When you are able to see the plans of God for your life ahead of time, that vision will strengthen and sustain you even in the worst of times.


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