Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Speaking in tongues causes all sorts of reactions. I suppose that would be because it originates with God and not with man. Many, even those who claim to believe in the gift, relegate the prayer language to the back room somewhere and come up with some religious reason for that practice. The question I want to have answered is this, do you really speak in tongues on a regular basis? You see, tongues announced the birth of the New Testament church. Their presence made it very clear that God was in the midst of His people. Shunning the public use of the prayer language will highly restrict the presence of God in the services.

Receiving this gift and using it regularly is imperative if you want the power of God in your life. Have you received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit since you believed? Here is a testimony from a church related to Azusa Street in 1906 from Frank Bartleman and how he received his prayer language.

“On the afternoon of August 16, at Eighth and Maple, the Spirit manifested Himself through me in “tongues.” There were seven of us present at the time. It was a week day. After a time of testimony and praise, with everything quiet, I was softly walking the floor, praising God in my spirit. All at once I seemed to hear in my soul (not with my natural ears) a rich voice speaking in a language I did not know. I have later heard something similar to it in India. It seemed to ravish and fully satisfy the pent up praises in my being. In a few moments, I found myself, seemingly without volition on my part, enunciating the same sounds with my own vocal organs. It was an exact continuation of the same expressions that I had heard in my soul a few moments before. It seemed a perfect language. I was almost like an outside listener. I was fully yielded to God, and simply carried by His will, as on a divine stream. I could have hindered the expression but would not have done so for worlds. A Heaven of conscious bliss accompanied it.”
So if you haven’t received your prayer language or don’t pray in the Spirit regularly it is time to draw near to God. Yielding your whole being (including your tongue) to the Lord will result in a great Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


  1. Praying I tongues is quite common in scripture. The term prayer language is not used, praying in the Spirit is commonly used. Paul spoke about praying in tongues in Corinthians. Enemies of the Baptism in the Spirit get technical trying to discredit this phenomenon.

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