The love of God hath been shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Ghost which was given unto us. Romans 5:5

I often joke about how there have always been more women in church than men. It has been that way since the first resurrection morn when the women ran with the message of His resurrection from the garden tomb. It seems that the heart of the Christian message is about receiving rather than doing, women seem to be more prone to that receiving mentality. Everything that we have of value is something we have received. We have received forgiveness of sins, the new birth, deliverance from the power of sin, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and an internal inheritance which is Christ Himself. None of these things originate or come from our own efforts; all of it is by grace, it is all the work of God. Here is how Watchman Nee describes everything we have received.
“Because the Lord Jesus died on the cross, I have received forgiveness of sins; because He rose from the dead, I have received new life; because He has been exalted to the right hand of the Father, I have received the gift of the Spirit. All is because of Him; nothing is because of me. Remission of sins is not based on my merit but on His crucifixion, regeneration is not based on my merit but on His resurrection, and the enduement with the Holy Spirit is not based on my merit but on His exaltation. The Holy Spirit has been given to you and me both to be the evidence that God’s Son is in the glory and, by the power of divine love, to lead us there. By His witness we know that Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified by wicked men nearly two thousand years ago, did not just die a martyr’s death but is exalted for us at the Father’s right hand in glory. Hallelujah!”
So everything Christ did and is doing was for His glory and our benefit. Today, He is our Advocate before the Father, representing us as a man. He is our heavenly Intercessor who opens heaven up for us and saves us to the uttermost. He is our Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. Out from Him flows a River of blessing that is beyond our words. So, let’s humble ourselves and recognize everything we have worth receiving is all God. Stepping out of the doing mentality into the receiving mode will change everything.

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