Mark 6:31 And He said to them, “Come aside by yourselves ….and rest a while.”

One of the beautiful ministries of the Holy Spirit is to give us renewal and rest. This crazy world can get us really wound up with all of its challenges, temptations, and pressures that we all endure on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit’s very nature is one of refreshing and rest. He alone can renew us in our spirit, emotions, and our body. We have to be willing to be still and allow Him to do that work in us. One of the strange works of the Holy Spirit often happens through the ministry of laying on of hands. When we are prayed for like this, oftentimes the Holy Spirit will come upon us and bring us to a state of rest laying in His presence on the floor. During these time of resting in the Spirit we experience the renewal and rest that Jesus spoke of in today’s verse. Here is a word study from Dick Mills on resting in the Lord.

“The key word here is rest. In the original Greek text, it is anapauo. This word has three possibilities that speak to us today in our pressure-laden, stress filled world:

Anapauo is the word used to describe an intermission in a play, an opera, a concert, or a stage production. This cessation is not only to give the audience a break in the action, but also so the artists and performers can have a moment to recuperate.

Anapauo also indicates recreation. This word can also be spelled re-creation. God created us originally, but from time to time we need to be physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally re-created. This can be accomplished through leisure time activities such as fishing, camping, golfing, hiking, or picnicking- anything, in fact, that is totally different from our usual daily routine.

Anapauo also refers to refreshment. The Lord wanted the disciples to have a break in the action, to take some physical and spiritual refreshment, and then go back to ministry with renewed strength and courage.”
Maybe this is unfamiliar territory for you. This used to make me uncomfortable until I tasted the benefits for myself. There is nothing in this life that can offer us this kind of rest like resting in the Spirit. Maybe you don’t have time or the money for a vacation; this is more effective because it touches every part of our lives. Go ahead, take some time to get aside and rest in the Spirit.

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