Deut.8:18 – And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Recognizing our dependence on God is the beginning of wisdom. I’ll never forget a breakfast meeting I had with Dr. Cho in 1994. He told me prosperity had become acurse to the church in Seoul. If you know the story of the Korean church you would understand his statement. Dr. Cho’s church had been birthed in poverty in the 1950’s. His message was the goodness and blessing of God. The church exploded and the people prospered. From Dr. Cho’s perspective the people had stopped looking to the Lord in 1994 and had put confidence in themselves. To Him, prosperity had gone from being a blessing to a curse. Today’s verse reminds us that the ability to prosper comes only from the Lord. Here are comments from Matthew Henry and the Adam Clarke on today’s verse.

“Forget not God’s hand in thy present prosperity. Remember it is he that giveth thee wealth; for he giveth thee power to get wealth….. therefore to him we must give the praise and consecrate the use of it.”

“God-giveth thee power to get wealth. Who among the rich and wealthy believes this saying? Who gives wisdom, understanding, skill, bodily strength, and health? Is it not God? And without these, how can wealth be acquired? Whose is providence? Who gives fertility to the earth? And who brings every proper purpose to a right issue? Is it not God? And without these also can wealth be acquired? No. Then the proposition in the text is self-evident: it is God that giveth power to get wealth, and to God the wealthy man must account for the manner in which he has expended the riches which God hath given him.”

The second part of today’s verse is critical in order to keep blessing from becoming a curse to us. We are clearly shown that we are blessed to be a blessing. The Lord is looking for faithful vessels to use as a conduit for the blessing of God to supply resources for His kingdom. We become the channel the Lord uses. What is the outcome? We are blessed, the work of God is funded, and God is glorified by His provision and the grace of liberality in us.

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  1. I’ve tried to explain to people several times this same principle.. everything we have comes from God and if we don’t thank him and be a blessing to others , how can we possibly expect more to come.. There are so many people with so much wealth and they do absolutely nothing to help others .. but that is another issue I suppose… Praise My Wonderful Glorious God for all the blessings everyday… His love and grace , my family and friends, health, nourishment for my body, my job, my car , the bed I lay in at night .. clean water to drink , the beautiful flowers and trees , I could go on and on….

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