Ps.62:1,5 – WEB – My soul rests in God alone. My salvation is from him.

He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress.

My soul, wait in silence for God alone, For my expectation is from him.

This verse describes how hope progresses to a true expectancy. I recently described expectancy as a sure thing, like an expectant mom expecting a child. Pregnancy is the difference between hope and expectancy. In today’s verse we see the spiritual facts of life. Waiting and resting in God alone is where expectancy is birthed.

For me, the body of Christ is in a state of expectancy or spiritual pregnancy, pregnant with a shocking move of God characterized by radical conversions of what would be considered the least likely candidates. The Lord delights in saving and using the unlikely for His glory. Think about it, there was the angry Pharisee (Saul of Tarsus) who turned the Roman Empire on its ear and wrote most of the New Testament. Then there was the demonized man chained in a cemetery in Gadara who was delivered and started a spiritual awakening in Decapolis (10 cities). And who could forget the lady of the night who was delivered from 7 demons and washed Jesus feet with tears and ointment, people are still talking about her 2000 years later. I am expectant, expectant with another radical season of harvest. Here is Spurgeon on this.

“For my expectation is from him. We expect from God because we believe in him. Expectation is the child of prayer and faith, and is owned of the Lord as an acceptable grace. We should desire nothing but what would be right for God to give, then our expectation would be all from God; and concerning truly good things we should not look to second causes, but to the Lord alone, and so again our expectation would be all from him. The vain expectations of worldly men come not; they promise but there is no performance; our expectations are on the way, and in due season will arrive to satisfy our hopes. Happy is the man who feels that all he has, all he wants, and all he expects are to be found in his God.”

I love that statement, “Expectation is the child of prayer and faith”. What are you pregnant with. Take some time to wait on the Lord, expectancy will be the fruit.


  1. Paul John Baxter SR

    I’m Being Still and know That he Is God And what he has Shown me Will come to pass Because it was God The Father who gave me what he Did , it wasn’t me …. Time will Show His Magnificent Plan….

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