Psa.147:5 – Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.

This is one of those verses that can slip by you if you are not paying close attention. A second look and you can fall into the bottomless ocean of the attributes of our God. This verse addresses the greatness, the power, and the wisdom of our matchless God. Any one of these topics can take you on an endless adventure that will mesmerize you all of your days. Who can compare to the greatness of our God? Steven, in his famous sermon, said that the heavens could not contain our great God, the universe itself is too small for our Lord. As for power, if creation is any reflection of the nature of the Creator, take a look at the power released when we split the atoms in uranium, nuclear power is the result. Nuclear power has the ability to power or destroy our entire planet, the Creator of atoms is surging with infinite power. And of course the Lord’s understanding is infinite. He knows all the thoughts and questions of every living being. He is the creator of all things and the mysteries of His creation are kept hidden with Him. Here is how Thomas Larkham explained this verse in 1656.

“His understanding is infinite. Hebrew: “Of his understanding there is no number.” God is incomprehensible. In place; in time; in understanding; in love. First, in place; because no place, no space, can be imagined so great, but God exceeds it, and may be found beyond it. Secondly, in time; because he exceeds all time: for be was before all time that can be conceived, and shall be after all lime. Time is a created thing, to attend upon the creation and continuance of all things created and continued by God. Thirdly, in understanding; because no created understanding can comprehend him so that nothing of God may be hid from it. Fourthly, in love because God doth exceed all love: no creature can love God according to his worth. All these ways of incomprehensibleness follow upon his infiniteness.”—

So our God is passed finding out with only our natural intellect. He is the Creator of time and space and sits outside both as an observer as He rules all things by His mighty word. He is the originator of love, He displayed it at the cross and showers us with it by His Spirit. Until we come to Christ we are groping through the darkness of this life reaching for love and wisdom in all the wrong places. When His love breaks into our world, we see Him and everything else from a different perspective.

“Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.”


  1. Very awesome word today !!!
    Not that all of them aren’t , just at times some speak louder than others depending on what is happening in life at that moment!!!

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