“And Jesus asked him, What is your name?” He replied, My name is Legion, for we are many.” Luke 8:30

What a story we read in the gospels about the man from Gadera! This man passed his days “howling in the tombs” and cutting himself and no one could bind him. He had a mob in his brain that wouldn’t stop. Sound familiar? I am sure many of us have met or have known MOB personally. Christ is forever on a mission seeking people that have been visited with MOB. I too have encountered the “voices in minds” over the years in women that darken our door here at Marysong or our church. Their stories make me go to the same carpenter from Nazareth, so I don’t end up with my own MOB in my head. He isn’t surprised, put off, or ill prepared to take on the army yelling up in our heads. HE IS ABLE.

Matthew Henry said, “We are not a match for our spiritual enemies, in our own strength; but in the Lord, and in the power of his might, we shall be able to stand against them, though there are legions of them. When the vilest transgressor is delivered by the power of Jesus from the bondage of Satan, he will gladly sit at the feet of his Deliverer, and hear his word, who delivers the wretched slaves of Satan, and numbers them among his saints and servants. The man joyfully proclaimed what great things Jesus had done for him.”

We must remind ourselves when we are told we can never be free even Mary Magdalene was possessed (Luke 8:2) with “seven other spirits”. He comes to conquer and liquidate out of us all the garbage of the past.

What makes the gospel so amazing? He is able to deliver the MOB out of us- he says go and it is gone. It takes effort on our part to stay clean and walk it out but my friend its possible and more than possible. When Christ walks into the room he makes the crooked straight. These folks are not meant to be thrown away, put away or drugged into zombies.

I don’t know the man from Gadera story nor what happened to Mary that got 7 devils, but I can surely guess. It’s hard to live on planet earth these days and not be affected by the blast of sin. Jonathan Edwards said that his wife Sarah had “been subject to unsteadiness, and many ups and downs, in the frame of mind, being under great disadvantages, through a vaporous habit of body, and often subject to melancholy, and at times almost over-borne with it.” But in a human’s greatest weakness, God proves sufficient and visited her because she said; she was able to profess that “The sweet language of my soul continually was ‘Amen, Lord Jesus! Amen Lord Jesus!'”

2 Replies to “I AM MOB”

  1. When seeking out the depth’s of God’s love and the plans He has for us, we are privileged to get glimpses of His view of not only ourselves but also others that He is after. Those glimpses give us the opportunity to participate with God in what He views the important works going on in our world today. Looking for satisfaction and lasting reward, follow His lead.

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