Jn.6:12 – When they were filled, He *said to His disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.”

This miracle has been a huge part of our church, Victory Fellowship in New Orleans, for almost 30 years. The reasons are many, but let’s just say the Lord uses it every year to bring adjustment to all of us. Today, this verse of scripture caught my eye. Broken fragments, don’t leave any fragments behind. Could one of the things Jesus was saying be a lesson for His young disciples? Could He be telling His disciples by His actions the importance of picking up the broken pieces of people’s lives? I think that was a huge part of what this miracle was about. It’s easy to lose the sense of hurting individuals all around us when we get stuck on the big picture. You know what I mean, I don’t have time to fool with this homeless guy, I have important (you fill in the blank) stuff to take care of. What kind of stuff? Building projects, family obligations, fund raising events, campaigns, ministry programs; the list is literally endless. Jesus was telling His disciples you give them something to eat and then pick up the broken pieces of their lives. Here is how author Harriet Michael describes this verse in her life.

“Through the years, I have learned another way to gather fragments. I have had more than one occasion to help gather the pieces of a loved one’s shattered life. Sometimes these lives were shattered at the person’s own hands, often by sin, or at the hands of another. Even so, I find myself drawn to the gathering role. While others are shattering through accusations, anger, or gossip, my heart aches and longs to help the broken friend or family member gather his or her life back together. I remember how God has gathered my broken life and put it back together so many times. What or who needs gathering in your life? What or who is in danger of being lost?

Perhaps the shattered, broken lives are not people you know. Maybe you learn from the news of others, even groups of people whose lives have been shattered, and your heart longs to help in whatever way you can—through donations, service, or prayer—you are helping to gather up the fragments, that nothing be lost.”

I have to say AMEN!!! Let me ask the question, what broken lives need gathering in your world? You probably don’t have to look very far. There are probably broken pieces of lives literally littering your world. Gather up the fragments that NONE WILL BE LOST.


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