Jn.6:12 – When they were filled, He *said to His disciples, “Gather up the leftover fragments so that nothing will be lost.

The disciples and the crowd who ate the bread and the fish that day had seen amazing things. They had watched as multitudes had been healed by the touch of His hand. They sat for hours literally spellbound as they heard the teaching of the man who spoke like no other man. They witnessed the miracle of the multiplication of the little boy’s lunch. His disciples saw Him walk on water that night and literally calm a storm and transport a boat across the sea in an atomic second. I wonder if they thought about what He said that day, “Gather up the leftover fragments”. If truth were told, that is really all they had witnessed that day, little fragments of what is coming, His kingdom is greater and better than any of us can dare to believe. Here is how Maclaren describes these leftover pieces.

“Oh, dear friends! what you and I have ever had and felt of Christ’s power, sweetness, preciousness, and love is as nothing compared with the infinite depths of all those which lie in Him. The sea fills the little creeks along its shore, but it rolls in unfathomed depths, boundless to the horizon away out there in the mid-Atlantic. And all the present experience of all Christian people, of what Christ is, is like the experience of the first settlers in some great undiscovered continent; who timidly plant a little fringe of population round its edge and grow their scanty crops there, whilst the great prairies of miles and miles, with all their wealth and fertility, are lying untrodden and unknown in the heart of the untraversed continent. The most powerful telescope leaves nebulae unresolved, which, though they seem but a dim dust of light, are all ablaze with mighty suns. The ‘goodness’ which He has ‘wrought before the sons of men for them that fear’ Him is, as the Psalmist adoringly exclaims, wondrously ‘great,’ but still greater is that which the same verse of the Psalm celebrates—the goodness which He has ‘laid up for them that fear Him.’”

The very next day Jesus told them, He clearly told them they had not understood the miracle of the bread and fish. He told them He was the true bread that comes down from heaven. He Himself is the treasure, not His miracles. So think about the things He has done for you and see them as fragments, fragments of the true bread that comes from heaven to satisfy our souls.

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