Matt. 14:19 Then He commanded the multitudes to sit down on the grass. And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed and broke and gave the loaves to the disciples; and the disciples gave to the multitudes.


I love to read about Jesus. His life was a constant picture of a man dependent on God. If the Son of God lived His life “looking into heaven”, how much more should I. The trials we go through in life are just gentle reminders (well okay, sometimes not so gentle) that I need Him constantly and totally in my life. Our first Feed the Multitudes was just that, we were being taught to look into heaven because our resources were depleted. His resources are never depleted, all He is looking for is total dependency. Charles Spurgeon describes this in these thoughts.


“Now that all is in order, the divine Lord takes the slender provision into his blessed hands. By a simple sign he teaches the people whence to expect gracious supplies: ‘Looking up the heaven’. Not without a blessing does the al fresco meal begin: ‘He blessed’. God’s blessing must be sought even when Jesus did all in the provision of the feast: he blessed, he brake, he gave to his disciples. All is with him. The disciples come in to take their subordinate position, after he has displayed his divine creatorship. They are the waiters: they serve and distribute; they can do no more; they are glad to do that. In haste, but yet in order, they divide the food among the throng, much wondering and adoring as they do so. It was bread and a relish with it; good fare and agreeable; sufficient, but not luxurious. Some would give the poor only the barest necessaries bread only; our Lord adds fish. What a feast was this! Christ for Master of the feast: apostles for butlers; thousands for numbers and miracles for supplies! What a far more glorious feast is that which the gospel spreads for hungry souls! What a privilege to be fed by the Son of God!”


I love that; Christ for the Master of the feast, apostles for butlers, thousands for numbers, miracles for supplies. Sounds like “Feed the Multitudes ” to me! Most people want to wait to get “their stuff together” before they engage in ministry to the hurting. Let me give you a clue, YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR STUFF TOGETHER. Your present difficult circumstances are God’s way of calling out to you, “look up into heaven”. As you do, you will discover the Father of lights, with Him their is no shadow of turning. There is a constant, resplendent, sufficient stream of His goodness flowing down upon all who look to Him for help. If you are lacking in any way, look into heaven. He is always at high noon, pouring out His goodness upon all who call upon Him.


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