Eph.4:8 – Therefore it says,




This immediately reminds us of what Jesus said to the woman at the well, “If you knew who I was and if you knew the gift of God you would ask of Me and I would give you living water. John told us that this river of living water would come when Jesus was exalted to the right hand of God. In today’s verse Paul is quoting from David’s Psalm about the resurrection and exaltation of Christ. When He took His place at the Father’s right hand He began to give the greatest gift imaginable, the gift of the Spirit of God. When man receives that gift, the gifts of the Spirit are also given and begin to be poured out. Here is a beautiful quote from the English Puritan Isaac Ambrose on David’s prophesy.

“No sooner is Christ inaugurated in his throne, but he scatters his coin, and gives gifts. He gives gifts, or the gift of gifts, the gift of the Holy Ghost…..But, O my soul, consider especially to whom this Spirit was given; the application of the gift is the very soul of thy meditation: “unto us a Son is given, “saith the prophet; and “unto us the Holy Ghost is given,” saith the apostle; and yet above all consider the reasons of this gift in reference to thyself. Was it not to make thee a temple and receptacle of the Holy Ghost? Stand a while on this! Admire, O my soul, at the condescending, glorious, and unspeakable love of Christ in this! It was infinite love to come down into our nature when he was incarnate; but this is more, to come down into thy heart by his Holy Spirit: he came near to us then, but as if that were not near enough, he comes nearer now, for now he unites himself unto thy person, now he comes and dwells in thy soul by his Holy Spirit.”

WOW – WOW – WOW !!! God Himself is this gift, as Ambrose said, the gift of gifts. We who have received this gift have the precious Spirit of the Lord living inside of us. For those who have never received this gift, it is available right now. Jesus is exalted to the Father’s right hand and is giving out this gift of gifts to whosoever will. Today just may be your day to receive the gift of your lifetime, the gift of God Himself.

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