Rom. 3:10,11 – as it is written, “THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE;


Its interesting if you think about the reasons many people are spiritual or have a belief in God. For some its a desire to live right, for others it may be some sort of insurance policy to avoid hell. Then there are those who are all about the benefits the Bible promises; folks will pray and attend church for financial favor, marital bliss, or for the sake of the children. Of course there are those who are in health crisis or financial drama who look to heaven as their way out. The funny thing about this endless list, they are all things that the Lord will do for us but none are a reason for us to become spiritual. Notice what Paul says in this verse, “There is none that seeks God”. Did you see what the Lord is looking for? He is longing to have people who seek Him just for the pleasure of knowing Him. All of those other things are the things He does for those who love Him. Here is how R.C. Sproul describes this passage.

“We see people searching for the things that we know can be found only in Christ, but we make the gratuitous assumption that because they are seeking the benefits of God, they must therefore be seeking God. That is the very dilemma of fallen creatures: we want the things that only God can give us, but we do not want him. We want peace but not the Prince of Peace. We want purpose but not the sovereign purposes decreed by God. We want meaning found in ourselves but not in his rule over us. We see desperate people, and we assume they are seeking for God, but they are not seeking for God….. No one seeks after God. How desperately was Paul searching for God while on his way to Damascus to destroy the followers of Jesus? He was no more searching for God than I was when God stopped me in my path one night and brought me sovereignly to himself. I knew then that I did not come to Christ because I was seeking him. I came to Christ because he sought me.”

That is the whole message of Paul in the book of Romans. We are saved by grace through faith. It happened suddenly in Paul’s life, he went from a dogmatic Pharisee to a lover by one touch of God’s amazing grace.

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