Before you get turned sideways this article has nothing to do with politics. By some divine, strange occurrence, it seems President Trump’s mom had two elderly nieces that were connected to a revival on Lewis Island which spread to the New Hebrides. They had been praying for God to come down and apparently their prayers were answered. Lewis Island and the New Hebrides were swept into a move of the Spirit that lasted for several years. President Trump bought the house where these prayer meetings were held. Here is an account of the beginning of that move of God from an article written by Colin Melbourne.

“Duncan Campbell was preaching his heart out, and getting nowhere. The congregation were quite content in their stiff, cold, and dead, religious routines.

What could he do?

He noticed a young lad near the front, weeping quietly, only recently saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, a pool of tears around his farmer’s boots. Campbell, in humility, recognized that the youth was closer to God than he was, so stopped preaching, and asked him to stand and pray.

Just three sentences of prayer from the new believer prompted the power of God to fall upon the whole assembly. Those formal Scottish Presbyterian churchgoers began crying out for mercy to God. Half of them stood arms outstretched to Heaven, transfixed in the Glory for two hours, the other half slumped to the floor calling on the Lord in heartfelt repentance. At the same time, the Spirit of God swept through a village seven miles away, and practically every household in the village had someone saved that night. That’s revival!”

From this you can see that the Lord is not impressed with titles or reputations. When He wants to move He can use two old ladies and a child. Actually He said if the child won’t speak He might decide to use rocks. Again, the Lord proves that His ways are not our ways. I wonder if He is planning another outbreak in these last days? Throughout history there have been regional moves of the Spirit such as the Welch Revival, the Great Awakening, and this one in the New Hebrides. The Azusa Street Revival, which birthed the Pentecostal movement, is the closest to a world wide awakening. The good news is that the Lord has saved the best for last. So if you think you are too old or too young maybe you are exactly what the Lord is looking for. Maybe, just maybe, the wind is starting to blow again.

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