1 Thes.5:19 – Do not quench the Holy Spirit.

I still remember the rumors of revival I heard all throughout the first part of 1994. People were talking about unusual manifestations at various meetings in the United States, Argentina, and in Canada. There were even rumors of revival happening in the Church of England in London. There were stories bout trances, drunken behavior, unusual noises, and laughing. I think the laughing bothered me the most. I had been praying for revival for years but laughter, drunkenness, and trances were not on my radar. I was skeptical at best and possibly a little offended. Like most other Christians, I had a certain way I thought revival should look and this certainly wasn’t it. It wasn’t until I went to the meetings myself and felt the presence of the Lord and tasted the depths of His love that my defenses began to come down. Before you knew it, I too was laughing, shouting, and displaying intoxicated behavior under the influence of the Spirit. Preconceived ideas of what a move of God should look like have blocked many from experiencing His mighty power. Here is how Arthur Wallis describes this roadblock.

“Let us not put our views of decorum and of order above the mighty operations of the Spirit. When He comes forth in His glory, it is as it were a judgment day; there is an overwhelming revelation of sin and of danger; and we can no more expect men to act under such circumstances in accordance with ordinary rules of decorum, than we could expect men aroused from their beds by an earthquake to avoid every demonstration of a noisy or alarming character. Perhaps it behooves us all to surrender our very imperfect views of the power and majesty of the Holy Spirit, and prepare for something grander, more awful and more revolutionary than we have yet witnessed.”

The Lord often starts things in unexpected places and unexpected ways. Who would have thought of Nazareth, a supposed carpenter’s son, and animal stall in Bethlehem? Or what about the one eyed son of a slave in a former horse stable on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California? Then there was the coal mine worker in Wales, the angry Pharisee in Damascus, and the shepherd with a slingshot. The icing on the cake; speaking in unknown languages. Thousands of people speaking in languages they had never learned and as Paul said some of the languages were angel languages. The Lord does some strange things, hopefully I won’t be too dry and rigid to move with the cloud in these last days.


  1. Love, love, love this!!
    I remember back in the day when the Holy Ghost was moving that way in our church . People were touched, and healed, and changed by the power of God! In retrospect, it felt as though the Lord was fellowshipping with us, and having just as much sweet fun as we were!

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