Lk.17:17,18 – Then Jesus answered and said, “Were there not ten cleansed? But the nine — where are they? Was no one found who returned to give glory to God, except this foreigner?

What have you done for me lately? That is kind of the attitude the children of Israel had that kept them wandering for forty years. They had seen the plagues on Egypt that launched their deliverance. From there they saw the Red Sea part and then drowned the Egyptian Army. They experienced the cloud by day and the fiery pillar by night. Then there was the manna from heaven every day and the water from the rock that followed them in the desert. The Lord had met them at every turn but their hearts were filled with unthankfulness. Failing to appreciate the daily supernatural nature of God’s provision all they could see was what they didn’t have. They missed the onions and leeks in Egypt. Thankfulness brings us into an awareness of God’s goodness, ingratitude closes ur hearts even further. Ellicott speaks about ingratitude in his comments on the ten lepers who Jesus healed.

Were there not ten cleansed?—There is, it is clear, a tone of mingled surprise, and grief, and indignation, in the question thus asked. Looking to the facts of the case, an ethical question of some difficulty presents itself. If the nine had had faith to be healed—and the fact that they were healed implies it—how was it that faith did not show itself further in gratitude and love? The answer is to be found in the analogous phenomena of the spiritual life which are found at times in cases that are as the cleansing of the soul’s leprosy. Men have the faith which justifies; they are pardoned, and they have the sense of freedom from the burden and the disease of sin, and yet their lives show no glow of loving gratitude. They shrink from fellowship with those who, having been sharers in the same blessing with themselves, are separated from them by outward lines of demarcation.”

We can learn a lot about thanksgiving from the Samaritan who returned to give thanks. It wasn’t religious ceremonies or even a healed body that he needed, what he really needed was found at the feet of Jesus. What all of us need can only be found at Jesus feet. No fall into the trap of “what have you done for me lately?” Thank Him for all He has done and then you will see clearly to see all He is doing right now in your life.

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