Ps.65:11 – You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.

You ever take time to think of all the resources you go through in a year? How much food , clothing, and stuff does it take for you to function each year? How much does all of it cost?

If you really want to get crazy, think about the resources to make America function for a year. Add to that countries like China, Mexico, or Great Britain; the amount of provision to sustain this one planet is quite unthinkable. The amazing conclusion, the wealth and generosity of God is just over the top. He crowns every year with His harvest of abundance. I don’t want to treat that as common or insignificant; I want to give thanks to the Lord for His continual, abundant supply. Here are some comments from Spurgeon on today’s verse.

“The harvest is the plainest display of the divine bounty, and the crown of the year. The Lord himself conducts the coronation, and sets the golden coronal upon the brow of the year. Or we may understand the expression to mean that God’s love encircles the year as with a crown; each month has its gems, each day its pearl. Unceasing kindness girdles all time with a belt of love. The providence of God in its visitations makes a complete circuit, and surrounds the year. And thy paths drop fatness. The footsteps of God, when he visits the land with rain, create fertility. It was said of the Tartar hordes, that grass grew no more where their horses’ feet had trodden; so, on the contrary, it may be said that the march of Jehovah, the Fertilizer, may be traced by the abundance which he creates. For spiritual harvests we must look to him, for he alone can give “times of refreshing” and feasts of Pentecost.”

Now let’s get specific for a moment; what has the Lord done in your life this past year? Has He provided your resources again? Has He kept your feet from stumbling? Has He brought harvest into various areas of your life? Has He opened new doors of business or ministry opportunity? He crowns every year with His bounty, we just need spiritual sensitivity to see it. As we celebrate another year of harvest this Thanksgiving let’s join with David and say, “the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.”

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