Ps.145:16 – You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.

What beautiful insight into the care and love of our Heavenly Father in this simple yet beautiful verse. Th Psalmist tells us that the Lord provides for us out of His hand but he doesn’t stop there. The Lord provides our desires out of His hand. He meets not only the desires of our heart in this world, He lavishly supplies the great desire of all of our hearts. What would that be? Of course, to feast on God Himself as our sustenance for life itself. Feasting on Him not only sustains us but satisfies us with a joy and contentment like nothing this world can supply. Here are some thoughts from Spurgeon’s Treasury of David on today’s verse.

“You alone provide, O Jehovah! Thou doest it liberally, with open hand; thou doest it easily, as if it were only to open thine hand; thou doest this at once as promptly as if all supplies were ready to hand. Living things have needs, and these create desires; the living God has suitable supplies at hand, and these he gives till inward satisfaction is produced, and the creature sighs no longer. In spiritual things, when God has raised a desire, he always gratifies it; hence the longing is prophetic of the blessing. In no case is the desire of the living thing excited to produce distress, but in order that it may seek and find satisfaction. These verses refer to natural providence; but they may equally well apply to the stores of grace, since the same God is king in both spheres. If we will but wait upon the Lord for pardon, renewing, or whatever else we need, we shall not wait in vain. The hand of grace is never closed while the sinner lives. In these verses we behold our God in the realm of his free grace dealing well with his believing people.”

The amazing thing about God satisfying our desires from His hand is this, He is the author of all our spiritual desires. He awakens our longings for Him and then He fulfills them. As Spurgeon said, our spiritual longings are prophetic. These desires are awakened by God and will be met by Him as well. So the Lord satisfies the cattle and sheep with lush meadows of grass, He provides shrimp for the trout, and fruit and seeds for the fouls of the air. For His sons and daughters He not only supplies us with our daily bread, He is our bread which we are called to feast on every day.

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