Matt.25:8 – And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.

The parable of the ten virgins seems to be Christ’s last appeal before He died to reach out to the lukewarm believer, those that are involved with the church but their hearts are not burning with love for the Lord. If you read this parable it seems to be aimed actually at the church on earth at the time of the return of Christ. What could be more disturbing than this assessment by the Lord of His church at the end of he age? He is saying that a large portion of the people who consider themselves part of His church will not be ready when He returns. Apparently, the foolish virgins thought they were good until the Lord suddenly appeared. They were acting as if they were prepared for the Lord’s return and the end of the age, when the Lord appeared they suddenly realized they were not. What brought them to the awareness that they were not ready? A cry went out just before He appeared. I want to be that cry in your life, to awaken the sleepers from their sleep. Here is a quote from Jonathan Edwards on the hope of the five foolish virgins.

“Another thing signified by the blaze of their lamps seems to be the light of hope. Their lamps signify in general the appearance of grace or godliness, including both the appearance of it to the view or judgment of others, and also to their own view, and the judgment they entertain of themselves. Their lamps shone, not only in the eyes of others, but also in their own eyes. This is confirmed because on hearing the midnight cry, they find their lamps are gone out; which seems most naturally to represent, that however hypocrites may maintain their hopes while they live, and while their judge is at a distance, yet when they come to be alarmed by the sound of the last trumpet, their hopes will immediately expire and vanish away, and very often fail them in the sensible approaches of death. Where is the hope of the hypocrite, when God takes away his soul? But till the midnight cry the foolish virgins seem to entertain the same hopes with the wise.”

The world around us is in obvious travail, anticipating the coming of the Lord. Hopefully your ears are open and your heart is trembling in joyful anticipation looking for that great day. If not, maybe its time to wake up and get some oil in your lamps.

2 Replies to “FOOLISH VIRGINS”

  1. Foolish indeed. If one truly Loves the Lord that one will always have the Oil of the Spirit in their lamp (their spirit) and will be burning with His Light, Jesus. Those souls remind me of those who stop seeking more of God. Becoming complacent, becoming satisfied with where you are and what you have is the same as stagnation- stagnation is the same as lukewarm. Our Jesus desires and is worthy of coming for a church in whose hearts the flames of heaven’s Love reach that same heaven itself.

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