Matt.25:8 – And the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.

I heard someone say once “God has no grandkids”. Actually that is quite a profound statement. No one can have a relationship with the Lord for you. If you were raised by God fearing Christian parents you still have to find the Lord on your own. If your spouse is a strong believer that really will have no benefit for you on that great day. Not even your pastor will be able to put in a good word for you when the Lord returns. The point of this parable is that each one of us have to make spiritual preparations for the Lord’s return. According to Jesus, there will be many people who think they are good spiritually that will be in for quite a shock. Each one of us have to work out our own salvation. Jesus said we have to have oil in our lamps, they must be trimmed and burning. Here is how Matthew Henry says it.

“Those that would be saved, must have grace of their own. Though we have benefit by the communion of saints, and the faith and prayers of others may now redound to our advantage, yet our own sanctification is indispensably necessary to our own salvation. The just shall live by his faith. Every man shall give account of himself, and therefore let every man prove his own work; for he cannot get another to muster for him in that day. Those that have most grace, have none to spare; all we have, is little enough for ourselves to appear before God in. The best have need to borrow from Christ, but they have none to lend to any of their neighbors. The church of Rome, which dreams of works of supererogation (overpayment) and the imputation of the righteousness of saints, forgets that it was the wisdom of the wise virgins to understand that they had but oil enough for themselves, and none for others.”

I think one of the traps we easily fall into is trying to measure our spiritual life by the life of others. That is not a good idea. When the Lord appears it won’t matter what others have or haven’t done, all that will matter is your spiritual condition. So get those lamps trimmed and burning, Jesus is coming soon.


  1. “God has no grandkids!” This wkend we went down to Blmgtn Ind. to visit our grnkids.! Our little 2 1/2 Sweet Claire was singing “Hallelu Hallelu… Hallelujah, Praise Ye The Lord “ !! Oh My, What Joy floods my Heart! The Oil is being taught about to this little heart ! Praise God!! Matt 5: 14-16

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